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Author: Disney Diva

Disney Vacation Club is one of the best money saving deals for families that visit Walt Disney World frequently! I know what you’re thinking… “Disney Diva” you smirk to yourself, “how can spending money save you money?” Well let me tell you my darlings, if I would have bought into Disney Vacation Club when we first started going I’d be staying on the monorail loop EVERY time now and not having to deal with 5 zillion people shoved into the All Star Resort buses at 12am post-fireworks.

So, as you know, Nick the Disney Devo (tee) is a huge Disney Vacation Club guy. If you don’t know anything about it I suggest you read his great article on the Pros and Cons of DVC Membership. Essentially Disney Vacation Club is like any other timeshare. You pay a fee to “buy in” you pay yearly upkeep fees, and you get to book into the nicest accommodations on the Walt Disney World property. Namely, the Disney Villas.

You can read a few of our villa reviews below:

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So, what you might not know is that you can actually buy into the Disney Vacation club for a lot less than what price the DVC sales person at Walt Disney World might tell you about on your visit. Our newest advertising partner, Sell My Timeshare Now, makes it possible for you to buy timeshares on the resale market. Its the same Disney Vacation Club, same awesome accommodations and ease of reservations, but for less. When you buy a timeshare directly from resorts they have inflated prices because of the sales commissions and marketing costs. However, when you’re buying a timeshare from an existing owner you can eliminate those costs and you’re able to save!

You can also RENT timeshare points from the site which is a great option if you don’t travel as frequently but are planning on traveling with a group of 5 or more as most Disney World rooms only can accommodate 5 individuals.

If you click HERE it will take you directly to the Disney Vacation Club page and give you information about how buying DVC from them could save you money! We are excited about having this great company on board!