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By D’land Diva

If you are planning to take a Disneyland vacation and are wondering what other fun things there are to do in the Southern California area, you might want to consider a side trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. Knott’s is only 5 miles from the Disneyland Resort- in So Cal traffic that equates to about a 20 minute drive or bus ride. Yes, there are even buses via the ART that will take you to and from the Disneyland  Resort for about $5 per person for the day. Buses run every hour before noon and after 4 pm every odd hour.

So, what is Knott’s Berry Farm? It is a Cedar Fair Entertainment Company theme park. In fact, it is the most visited theme park of all of  the Cedar Fair parks around the country. It began as a Berry farm and slowly evolved into a theme park as rides, attractions and shows were added to the space. While being a family park, there are many rides and events that are geared toward a teenage or young adult crowd.

A special Diva Trivia Tip: Matt Ouimet, the former president of the Disneyland Resort is now the CEO of Cedar Fair Entertainment.

There are a lot of thrill rides and roller coasters at Knott’s Berry Farm- much more so than Disneyland. On the other hand, there is a fabulous kid zone known as Camp Snoopy and also some fun Western themed shows and scenery, as well as rides, that the whole family (including little ones) can enjoy.

The Western theme of Knott’s Berry Farm carries throughout the park. Let’s explore the park, shall we?

We will begin with the Knott’s Hotel and California Marketplace. If you are interested in exploring some of the history, shops and dining at Knott’s, this is the area for you. There is no admission price for this area, which includes several souvenir shops, a replica of Independence Hall and the famous Mrs. Knott’s chicken Dinner Restaurant. Diva Tip: This place is perhaps what Knott’s Berry Farm is known for. Great food at Mrs. Knott’s!

Much like other theme parks, Knott’s is situated into different themed areas. There is a Ghost Town area, Camp Snoopy (for the kids and families), Fiesta Village and the Boardwalk area. Within each themed area are rides and attractions, restaurants and shopping. So, let’s take a look at what’s important here: the rides and attractions!

Roller Coasters

As mentioned, Knott’s is known for having some great thrill rides. There is Boomerang, Coast Rider, GhostRider, Jaguar!, Montezooma’s Revenge, Pony Express, Sierra Sidewinder, SilverBullet, Timberline Twister and Xcelerator. Most of these rides have a height requirement of at least 48 inches tall and a few 50 inches and above, so that is something to consider when travelling with children. These rides are not for the faint of heart. There are dips, turns, curves and mass acceleration ( along with a few occasions of going backwards through a loop!). Boomerang takes you on a crazy journey and then starts it all again- backwards! Coast Rider is a roller coaster over the water and GhostRider is one of the tallest wooden roller coasters in the world. Jaguar! boasts that it will take you on a ride throughout the park, past other rides and attractions. Montezooma’s Revenge brags that it will take you from 0-55 mph in 3 seconds. Yes folks, you may need to not eat before these rides!

Thrill Rides

There are also some fun thrill rides that offer some wild times without the roller coaster. These rides include La Revolucion, Rip Tide, Screamin’ Swing, Supreme Scream, and Windseeker (note that Windseeker has been closed for awhile and is rumored to be taken out of the park). Think lots of spinning on these rides!


Family Rides

There are also plenty of family rides and attractions at Knott’s. These include an authentic stagecoach ride- called Butterfield Stagecoach. There is also the entertaining Calico Mine Ride, the Calico Railroad (where you will experience a “robbery” aboard the train), Dragon Swing, Hat Dance, High Sierra Ferris Wheel, and a Merry Go Round. Included in this list is also: Pacific Scrambler, Surfside Gliders, Sky Cabin, Waveswinger, the Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars and Wipeout (yes, you will get wet!).

Children’s Rides

Ah, this is where the D’land Diva family roams on most of our Knott’s trips. Camp Snoopy is a wonderful place for the littles! There is Balloon Race- a hot air balloon type ride, Camp Bus, Charlie Brown’s Speedway, the Grand Sierra Scenic Railroad (not grand, but a nice short train ride for the littles), and Huff and Puff (yes, the kids huff and puff their own vehicles to make them move). There’s Joe Cool’s GR8 SK8, Log Peeler, Lucy’s Tugboat, Red Baron, Rocky Road Truckin’ Company, Snoopy Bounce ( a bounce house) and Woodstock’s Airmail.

Water Rides

Finally, if you are looking for a way to cool off, be sure to check out Bigfoot Rapids and the D’land Family favorite ride- Timber Mountain Log Ride.

Live Shows

If you are looking for a place to rest your feet for awhile and be entertained, be sure to check out the Wild West Stunt Show, the Mystery Lodge, Native American Dancer, Peanuts Character Show and the Calico Saloon Show. The Wild West Stunt Show in particular is great fun!

Knott’s Berry Farm can be a great side trip from Disneyland and I hope you consider checking it out on YOUR next trip! More information about the park can be found here.