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Saving for Disney World / Simple Disney World Money Saving Tips

By Pixie Hollow Diva

Any vacation will make your pockets cry, but Disney sometimes can cost a little extra.  Children of course usually contribute to you having to spend more money on a trip.  I mean I cannot even go to Target without leaving with spending more money because of my two kids!  My family and I travel to Disney sometimes twice a year but at least once.  Because of this we have come up with a few little tips for easily saving money for our trips, or saving a little extra while we go.

  1. Put some cash away!  My husband started doing this several years ago and it definitely helps!  Every week he will stash away $20.  He keeps it in an envelope and lets it build up.  Sometimes he will add a little extra here and there.   With this cash, we usually have around $1000 saved.  This is what we use for our dining and spending money while there.  We will take this cash and buy a Disney gift card from Target to make it easier.  Buying gift cards through Target is a great way to save some extra money without even trying. This brings me to my next money saving tip!


  1. Buy Disney gift cards at Target. If you are not familiar with Target, they have a Redcard which is their credit card and debit card.  They are free to get and the credit card through their store is a Mastercard.  They recently now have the option for you to apply for a Target Redcard Debit.  The debit is great because it comes directly out of your checking account like you regular debit card.  I can go broke in Target so it is safer for me to have just the debit and not a credit card! So, a perk to having one of their cards is you save 5% on ALL purchases even gift cards!  Target sells an array of gift cards including Disney.  Here is the trick, save your cash, deposit it in your checking account if you opened a Target debit card and buy $1000 in Disney gift cards.  With your 5% Target savings you are paying $950 for a $1000 Disney gift card!  That is an extra $50 you cannot spend someplace else or something a little extra to spend at Disney World!

Saving for Disney World / target debit card / Simple Disney World Money Saving Tips

  1. Do not buy toys in Disney World that you can buy at the Disney Store or through Disney Parks shopping app. These two places tend to run specials and certain % off periodically and sometimes regularly on their sites.  This can help you save a good amount of money and even qualify for free shipping at times!  Try to buy unique things at the Disney Parks that you might not be able to purchase other places.  This is something I have learned over the years, especially once we started to travel to Disney World with my young daughters.


  1. If you are choosing to do the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique with your daughter or special girl in your life, do not purchase the dress at the boutique. You will pay so much for money than you would at Target, Walmart or even online stores.  A great online store is Mom Approved Costumes is a great site for cute princess attire and reasonably priced!  Use the code DISDIVA for a discount!  This is seriously your best way to save some money!  The dresses can easily be packaged in a suitcase so you will not need to worry!

Saving for Disney World / cheaper disney costumes / Simple Disney World Money Saving TipsDisney Saving Tips / Cheaper Disney Costumes / Simple Disney World Money Saving Tips

  1. If you are someone who loves to drink soda and other soft drinks then purchase a refillable mug. It entitles you to unlimited refills during your vacation stay at a Disney World hotel.  The mug also includes coffee and tea.  The refillable Disney Mugs can be purchased at any resort gift shop on Disney World property or quick service locations for your convenience.  This price of this mug is $17.99.  The mug is also designed with a chip inside the cup.  This limits you to only refilling every several minutes.  It also refrains you from bringing it on another Disney trip and using it for refills.  You would need to purchase a new cup for your next trip.  If you are someone would drink soda or soft drinks throughout most of your days then this cup is totally worth it!  You can refill it at any Disney World resort.

Disney Saving Tips / refillable mugs at Walt Disney World / Simple Disney World Money Saving Tips

If you are planning a Disney trip and need some help, reach out to Patricia Payne at All For Dreams Travel.  She can help you with booking your next trip and answer any questions!  Happy planning!