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By Pink Diva

Thanks to the Disney writers, the popularity of princesses has increased.  The new crop of princesses are beautiful, strong, independent and strike a chord with young audiences everywhere.  (Don’t believe me?  Ask any child to sing “Let It Go” and they will gladly belt it out for you!)  However, the classic princesses are still fan favorites.  They possess grace, beauty, amazing hair and adorable woodland friends.  However, trying to find birthday decor to fit one of the classics can be a little tricky-especially if you are on a budget.


Snow White cupcake

With the live-action movie Cinderella and Beauty and Beast on the way those two princesses have seen an increased amount of merchandise.  Elsa and Anna are everywhere and Rapunzel is still popular.  But what if your child falls in love with one of the other princesses?  My daughter A, was 2 1/2 and fell in love with Snow White.  I’m not sure how or why since she hadn’t seen the movie, but  Snow White quickly took over.   Halloween costume, toys, clothing; everything in her world was Snow White.  Her third birthday was around the corner and I let her pick the theme.  As I could have guessed, she wanted a Snow White themed party.


Dwarf cupcake topper

While I found Princess decorations everywhere, not too many where of only Snow White.   I did find some online, but I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money either since we had rented a play place for the party.

First up was the color theme.  I find I can save money by purchasing solid color tableware and accent with the actual theme.  I had red and yellow items left over from her previous Curious George party.  I only had to purchase blue to compliment.  I was given a Snow White cupcake kit a while back and it was perfect for the party.  All I needed to finish off my shopping was balloons, cake and gift bags.  The balloons I could get through the play place and I whipped up a few cupcakes.  I was able to find some fun items for the gift bags in the dollar section of a few stores.


A perfect red apple

For the gift bags I took inspiration from the movie.  I had A pick out the prettiest apples she could find.  She was big into marshmallows so I used them as Snow Balls.  More a play on words, but they were easy and fit my budget.  I bought little whistles to “whistle while your work.”  I thought about those cute little bird whistles, but I liked the kids’ parents and didn’t want to torture them too much.  I picked up Dwarf Diamonds disguised as ring pops.  No gift bag is complete without a little treat so I added a handful of magical (Hershey) kisses.  Nothing too fancy or expensive, but it was fun.  By going with items that were readily available I was able to get unique goodies and not break the bank.



Food, cake or cupcakes can be another place to show off your creativity.  We could have done some cutely named food, but we decided to go with pizza since most two and three-year olds will eat pizza.  Not to mention I don’t really cook.  I made cupcakes with my Snow White cupcake kit and we were all set.  Buying cake is usually easy and they have many different options on flavors and toppers. If you know someone who does cakes you can always have them do something awesome for you.  My sister is a pastry chef and I talked her into making a cute Snow White cake for A while we were visiting.


A’s Snow White cake

I thought about making a magical mirror, but A’s birthday is around Christmas and we had a lot going on.  Since we had the party at a play place I didn’t have to do any games.  There are a bunch of fun party games you can do.  Pinterest is full of ideas, but you can always put a new spin on old favorites.  Pin the crown on the princess, Pass the Magic Wand (hot potato style), Princess scavenger hunts, and princess crafts will all be party pleasers.


Magical (Hershey) Kisses

The last item was the birthday girls outfit.  She had a Snow White costume from Halloween, but I wanted something easier to play in.  In my attempt to be crafty I bought a yellow skirt, blue shirt and added red ribbon on the sleeves.  Instant princess playwear!


Snow White Playwear!

Whatever theme you choose, remember to have fun.  These are kids and rarely do they do what they are supposed to. Drinks will spill and someone will cry.  Relax and remember they are little.  Let them have fun, run around and enjoy the party.   Take lots of pictures and make memories.  When the day is over and the kids are in bed break out your favorite beverage, leftover cake and celebrate that you kept your child alive for one more year!