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by Clever Diva

My children love Character Meals!  And I get a chance to sit down, recharge, and watch the look of pure joy on their faces!  But, somewhere around the 15th character meal, I have to admit that I was starting to get a little…restless.  And I noticed that my kids just didn’t know what to do once the character or princess had signed their book, and posed for a picture.  So, our character interaction was down to about 30 seconds.  So, I started to think about way to get a little more interaction at Character meals, or when meeting characters in Parks.  And then I thought about…feet….

When travelling to WDW,the first feet you think of are your own.  And then your children’s feet. Most visitors will walk miles and miles, 9 to 15 miles per day, on feet that are not used to covering that much ground daily.  But, there are other feet to consider…

Most guests spend a lot of time looking for characters and princesses at Disney.  We pay for Character Meals, we stand in line for hours to see characters, and sometimes we spot them as they walk to take a break – the unexpected sighting can be the most thrilling moment for many children!  And when we finally come to face to face with the characters – we concentrate on their faces.  Maybe their costumes.  But, hardly ever do we look down at their feet!

Our past trip, we started asking the characters if we could photograph their feet.  All were happy to oblige, although they appeared a bit startled when initially approached.  Once they got the idea, we got all sorts of cute poses! And my kids started to interact with the characters in a whole new way!  We also started to notice the costume difference on some of the characters and princesses/princes.   The costume can change depending on the venue or the time of year.  And when the costume changes, the shoes change too!

See if you can identify the feet in the following pictures.

WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_1553 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_0084 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_0105 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_0106 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_0107 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_0762 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_0764 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_0772 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_0969 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_0970 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_1196 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_1208 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_1211 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_1218 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_1386 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_1394 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_1403 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_1551 WDW November 2013 Food and Wine_1552

The feet above, from top to bottom are:   Lilo (it’s always summer for her!), Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, Tinker Bell(in winter outfit), a random  Photopass Photographer, Periwinkle, Minnie (in Christmas Dress), Mickey (Christmas also), The Clever Diva family (in summer outfit), Woody, Minnie, Chip and Dale, Mary Poppins in her Jolly Holiday outfit, The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland, Pluto, and Stitch.

The Mad Hatter feet are my personal favorite.  How does he walk in those long shoes??? And Mary Poppins’ feet, in her Holiday garb, are quite lovely.  She took a moment to posed because she wanted to be sure that all the buttons were showing!  And Minnie is always sporting her signature high heels – just different colors. Lilo’s feet are forever in sandals.  I made a photo book, using an online service, and it sits on our coffee table, along with our many other Disney photo books.  And everyone loves to look in the feet book, and try to guess whose feet they are.

On your next trip, take a moment to look down, and see what you find!  For our upcoming trip, we are going to hands.  Or maybe hats.  Or maybe doorways,  Or maybe details on parade floats….  Imagine all the opportunities at the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party MNSSHP or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party MVMCP!  This is why people keep coming back to Walt Disney World and Disneyland over and over again.  There is always more to see.  There is always something new.  There is always another chance to see your children beam, and another chance to discover your inner child.