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IMG_2473Author: Disney Diva *BONUS EASTER ARTICLE!*

My husband was so excited about the Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom game coming to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World that he read about it for months while it was being imagineered.

When it went to “soft opening” he would send me pictures and updates and was SO excited that he was going to be one of the first few to try it out during our trip in late February of 2012.

I’m kinda “ehh” about games like this because I came to ride rides, not play games, but he and my son got really into the Kim Possible game in World Showcase at Epcot, so he couldn’t wait to try this out in his favorite park. It was not long after we arrived at MK that we went to “Enlist”.IMG_2472

There are two places you can “Enlist” to be a Sorcerer. The first is at the recently re-purposed Fire Station on Main Street and the other is in Liberty Tree Square RIGHT ACROSS from where Princess Tiana does her meet and greet.


You will get into a line to get trained, and later to get more cards (which you can only get every 24 hours) and so you will need to have your park tickets or key to the world with you.

IMG_2474Diva Tip: Each park ticket starts a DIFFERENT GAME and comes with a different set of cards (which will be explained in a bit.) So if you get more than one “game” (as in one for each ticket) you need to figure out how to mark the Sorcerer key so you’ll know which game you’re on. We took a permanent marker and wrote the letter of the family member’s name in the right corner so we would not confuse them.

While you wait at the Firehouse a video introduces you to what a portal is and some of the back-story of why you are doing this, who you are fighting, and IMG_2478why.

Once its your turn, a trainer will take your keys and give you starting locations (because you play in each of the “lands” EXCEPT TOMORROWLAND, in order to complete a full game.) IMG_2480






They will then give you back your park tickets and you will get a packet that looks like this: In the packet you will get a map of where the portals are, a sorcerer key card, and spell cards.



They then take you, and your family, and “train you” on how to play the game. IMG_2483

So here is the basic run down.

1) Your trainer will tell you where your game begins. Lets assume you start in Adventureland.

2) You look at your map and see where a portal is. IMG_2490

3. You will look for a Sorcerers medallion in the ground. That’s the easiest way to ensure you’re in the right place (actually currently you can just look for a long line that does not have a character at the end of it, its likely a Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom portal). If you end up not being at the right portal it will give you a clue to tell you which portal you need to start at.














4. Then you’re going to hold your Sorcerers of MK key card up to a place designated at the portal. You’ll know where to put it because it looks like the card. You have to hold it up in front of this location.


5. Then your portal will “come alive”. These are cleverly interwoven into the park. If nobody was playing the game you would not have a clue that its there. IMG_2485image

The game will explain what is happening in the Magic Kingdom, and at one point, it will tell you its time to cast your spell.






6. Next comes the more complicated part. The cards, that I was referring to earlier, all have “spells” that are built into them. There are actually LEVELS of this game, an EASY, MEDIUM, and HARD level. My guess is imagethat they will increase levels as people begin to beat the levels.

At the easy level which “spell” you pick doesn’t really seem to matter that much, but as you increase levels you have to cast the right spell at the right time on the right villain and once a spell has been used you can’t use it again. The official Disney site has a list of which cards are rare, uncommon and which ones are common you can read HERE if you’re really interested. people beginimage to trade them as they go up levels in order to get what they need to beat levels.

So you will choose what spell to cast.


7. Then you hold up the card to “cast the spell”. I do NOT understand how this works, but somehow a camera reads your card and it does something similar to the card to hurt the villain.

So for example if you chose something with Tinkerbell on it it would look like you threw fairy dust all over the screen and it would pick up the villain like its flying and drop them or something silly like that.


8. Then it shows you a picture of the next portal that you need to go to. It will be in the same land at least, so you’re not crossing the park back and forth all day. Then you progress from land to land, it seems to be in a clockwise direction.

From our trial it appears that if you play 5 “lands” successfully you will complete the game level.

So here’s my review.

1. DO NOT START THIS GAME IF IT IS YOUR FIRST TIME GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! It is highly addictive and to a video-game generation they will not want to ride rides, which is what you paid for.

2. DO NOT START THIS GAME IF YOU ONLY HAVE 2-3 DAYS IN THE PARK! It also takes a LONG TIME to play a full game and “level up”. Think 2-3 HOURS! It sucks away what I consider to be valuable time.

3. DO NOT START THIS GAME IF YOU HAVE PRE-TEENS OR TEENAGERS THAT YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FAMILY VACATION! Let me be 100% honest here, teens are often a pain in the butt. If you want your teens to get with the program, have fun, ride rides, you know… the stuff you paid the exorbitant price of the ticket for, with your then DO NOT introduce them to this game. However, if they’re getting on your nerves, moping and generally bringing everybody down and you want them to go away, but still be in the park having a good time and somewhere you can reach them with ease, then it’s a GOOD IDEA to introduce them to the game. But be forewarned, you are unlikely get them to come back and play with the family again.

4. DO NOT START THIS GAME IF YOU LIKE TRADING CARDS OR GET OBSESSIVE ABOUT WINNING! Think Pokémon on steroids!! I was there for the One More Disney day and I saw people trading these cards like they were selling and using drugs. This one guy, I kid you not, was huddled in the corner and as we walked by at about 3am and he said, “Do you have any Simba cards man?” It was like a strung-out addict. And then he was telling us all about how you combine them and blah blah. I was like,” dude, we’re just wasting time trying to stay awake to prove we were here till 6am. We really don’t care”. I saw people, GROWN ADULTS, walking around with giant folders filled, literally FILLED, with cards. And I saw this mom who was walking around the park on behalf of her teen trying to solicit and trade cards. It was NUTS. People can only get one pack of cards per park ticket every 24 hours, so people have a tendency to take it too far.

5. It IS pretty cool. If you go to Disney often, have been multiple times over your life, or are annual pass holders, then yeah, start the game because it’s pretty cool. It’s a new way to look at the park (sort of like how Kim Possible finally gave kids something to do at World Showcase).