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By Pixie Hollow Diva

Spark up your trip with date night at Disney World

Most of the time when people are going to Disney World, it is also with their children.  Yes, couples do go to Disney World without children, but if you do have children, try to give yourself a date night!  By giving yourself a date night, you are getting a break from the hassle and the craziness of all the children’s things.  A date night or even a few hours alone can help you unwind.  My husband and I usually travel alone with our small children.  However, a few times we did travel with family whom we were able to leave our small children with for a few hours.  This past summer we really took advantage of the break from the kids and made it about us!

My husband and I always wanted to try California Grill which is located inside the Contemporary Resort.  Yes, you can bring children but I would rather not.  The break from the kids was definitely a nice change of pace.  We made our date night mid-week of our trip, which was perfect timing for us.  It gave us the opportunity to unwind from the previous few days of the parks and being on a tight schedule.  We were staying at the Polynesian, so we left my two young daughters with my parents and hopped right on the monorail.  We made a few stops before the Contemporary, but the extra time alone was nice.  My husband and I had not been on the monorail alone is 5 years at this point so it was nice, and also much easier without having a stroller or kids in tow.  We arrived at the Contemporary and headed up to the California Grill.  The restaurant is directly next to Magic Kingdom so you can imagine the amazing view!

Spark up your Disney trip with a date

Since the restaurant is located next to Magic Kingdom, a window seat would be great.  You can see a clear view or the whole park.  Our reservations were at 6:00 so it was still daylight outside.  If you are able to book a late dinner, you have the opportunity to see the fireworks from Magic Kingdom!  I have heard that is amazing to see but I have no done that yet. You can read more tips about that in Beauty and the Beast Diva’s article here. The restaurant has an observation deck which is located off of the dining room.  This allows you to really get an amazing view of Magic Kingdom and surrounding hotels located on the Seven Seas Lagoon.  This was the first time I had witnessed this view in its entirety before and it was spectacular.  I was happy that I was able to truly enjoy that moment especially with my husband.   Since my parents had my children, we figured we may as well take advantage of the alone time.

Spark up your trip with date night at Disney WorldWe decided to walk over the Magic Kingdom.  The walk from the Contemporary was about 10 minutes.  We had gone to the park earlier that day so that allowed us to return again.  We just decided to walk around.  The walking around the park without children was a semi-new experience for us.  It had been so many years since we had done this.  It was really nice!  We walked around Main Street and went into a few shops.  Yes, shops we usually are in with our children who are yelling “Can I have this?” and “Wow, I want this!”, for once, this quietness on our end was nice!  One store we went into was Crystal Arts located on Main Street.  This place has beautiful crystal items and gorgeous tiaras!  This was a nice store to browse in, and having my children in here with a huge stroller would scare me slightly!  This was a perfect opportunity for us to really explore this store.


I would recommend taking a little trip to Epcot.  If you have a hopper pass or unused park passes, the countries are a great place to explore!  You can check out a few different countries throughout the World Showcase.  You can try specialty cocktails and beers along with original food specialties.  This does not need to cost you too much.  Many places have snack and drink carts!  By “snacking” this gives you a great chance to enjoy many different options and enjoy some drinks without your children and just hang out with your significant other.

Spark up your Disney trip with date night

You can make your date simple!  Leave your kids with family if you have the opportunity and even grab a coffee at your favorite spot.  You can even go to a lounge and grab a few drinks and quick food!  There are many options located inside Disney Springs.  You can see some places here.  You do not have to make date night expensive.  Disney has some wonderful and beautiful scenery; you can be happy pretty much anywhere.  To be able to have the opportunity to unwind with your significant other can really help with your trip!  It can also help your relationship, because couples still need alone time!

If you need help booking and planning your Disney vacation please do not hesitate to reach out to Patricia at All For Dreams Travel for all your questions!  Happy planning!