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by Disney Magic Diva

Anyone who’s been to a Disney Park knows that magic waits around every corner.  One of the most magical things our granddaughter has discovered at Walt Disney World Resort is face painting.  Naturally, children can have their faces painted in countless venues – children’s museums, birthday parties, carnivals – practically anywhere families gather for fun-filled festivities.  But to our granddaughter, there’s something extra special about having her face painted at the Most Magical Place on Earth!

2012 Sept face painting in chairFace painting booths can be found in all four parks at Walt Disney World Resort and at Downtown Disney.  We’ve found over the years that locations can change from time to time, so check the park map or just ask at Guest Relations.   There are numerous design options depending on the particular location. To help you select which face paint you’d like, photo samples of popular choices are displayed at the booth.  Good luck deciding!  For instance, in Animal Kingdom your little one can be transformed into one of dozens of different animals, while in Hollywood Studios they can become their favorite Star Wars character.  The Darth Maul design is probably the most memorable one I’ve ever seen!  Most locations offer some traditional favorites too – butterflies, pirates, unicorns, kitties, etc. Additional designs are available during certain seasons such as Halloween and Christmas.  And don’t think the kids are the only ones who can get in on the fun.  Face painting is open to kids of all ages, and we’ve seen several families enjoy this experience by having everyone paint their faces.  That would truly be a magical moment!

TIP: If your dream design isn’t on the display board, ask! The booths have a binder with pages and pages of other choices. You’re sure to find just the one your heart desires!  We’ve found cast members are willing to “customize” a design, too, if you want a different color, more or less glitter, or whatever you can imagine!2012 Dec face paint becoming a kitty

Prices range from around $12-$18 and, unless you visit Typhoon Lagoon, the painting lasts all day. Guests are assisted on a first come/first serve basis and most designs can be painted in just 10-15 minutes.

One of our favorite places for face painting is in Hollywood Studios at a booth between Toy Story Midway Mania and Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream.  We’ve also visited the booth in Tomorrowland, in Magic Kingdom Park, and one in the World Showcase in EPCOT.  The cast members are truly talented artists!  They do a fabulous job of expertly transforming our granddaughter into the character she’s chosen.  As she sits captivated, we are able to watch as step-by-step her adorable every-day face becomes a butterfly. Or a princess.  Or a unicorn. Using patience, imagination, and unlimited talent, the cast members artistically create a memory we will treasure forever and a painting our granddaughter can enjoy all day. Be prepared, though, for lots of attention.  We’ve found cast members and guests alike comment on her face paint for the rest of the day, making her feel extra special.

TIP: Keep your receipt!  If the make-up becomes smudged during the day, just return to the booth and the cast members will happily touch up the design!

If you want to really show your DisneySide, 2012 Dec face paint unicorn you may want to consider The Pirates League in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom Park. You may enter with a son or daughter, but you will leave with a swash-buckling pirate or beautiful mermaid.  Several different packages are available, ranging from $35-$80.  Click here for more information or to make a reservation.

So if you’re looking to add a little more magic to your next trip to Walt Disney World Resort, stop by a face painting booth.  After all, what could be more magical than spending a day with a unicorn?