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This trip we went to the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show. I had not read very good reviews of it honestly and didn’t want to go. When we showed my mother a Disney Special from the travel channel they mentioned the luau and she said she really wanted to go.

I reluctantly bought the tickets. Which are PRICEY:

Category 1 (which is your closest seating) is $59.99 per Adult and $30.99 per Child

Category 2 is $54.99 per Adult and $26.99 per Child

Category 3 is $50.99 per Adult and $25.99 per Child

You can see the seating chart here.

Of course this is before the 18% recommended (and automatically added if there are 6+ people in your party) tip. So for 2 adults, 1 child and our infant (no cost for her) it was $178.00. That’s BEFORE any mixed drinks. Beer and Wine are free which is a plus though)!!

We decided we would NOT tell my parents about what we had read and would just go and have the experience for ourselves and see what we thought.

We enjoyed it! 🙂 I don’t know that it was worth $178.00 (actually a little over $200 with my two drinks) in my opinion, but I guess if you’re on the Disney Dining plan it would be a little less painful on the wallet.

The dancers are good (and not bad to look at)

There is a story line that plays itself out through the show that has a sweet theme of “staying true to your roots”. There is a guy that can sing like nobody’s business!
The food is pretty good. And its all you care to eat.
When you sit down they set out: fresh pineapple (DELICIOUS!), salad with a mango poppy seed dressing, and coconut bread (think yeast roll with a hint of coconut. YUMMERS).
Then you watch the show for a bit.

Then they bring out the main course: Pork ribs & Grilled Chicken, and a rice. I don’t recall anything else, but you can eat as much of that as you’d like, but you have to ask for more
Then you watch some serious dancing including the FIRE TWIRLER who is amazing (I tried to get my video to load to no avail). He was hard-core awesome.

Finally its time for desert and they make a big deal with each waiter bringing out one of these:

Which would be AWESOME… if it was actually what you were eating. Instead you’re eating these little chocolate mousse volcano’s with a raspberry sauce. They only bring out one per person at the table too, which is a little discouraging.

The dinner was fun in my opinion! Gives you a chance to see the Polynesian resort as well which is really nice.

We found a really awesome hidden gem to the Spirit of Aloha when we LEFT. They send you out the back door onto a beautiful white sand beach. On this beach you can plainly see Cinderella’s Castle (which is just a speck on this picture), the wedding pavilion and the Grand Floridian. The sand is also super soft which the kids loved playing in.

We decided it would be the PERFECT place to come and watch Wishes! (assuming that you’ve heard the music/word track many times before like we have). Very relaxing and just beautiful.
There is a great walkway from this beach to the Grand Floridian that we enjoyed strolling down and took some pictures by the wedding pavilion on the way then hopped the monorail at the Floridian back to Magic Kingdom.
So overall it was a good experience. I would recommend it if your kids are older and you don’t think they would be as “into” the character meals anymore.

Aloha friends!