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By: Beauty and the Beast Diva:


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There are very few things in life that make me as happy as Disney World does, however, coffee is a close 2nd.    Previously, I would go cold turkey in Disney World without coffee because their coffee just didn’t do it for me.  Me – coffee + a long day in the parks = a MISERABLE trip for my family and/or friends, but now the Holy Grail of coffee is available to us in Disney Parks! Yes, that’s right, we can get STARBUCKS!  When the parks open I am not running to Elsa and Anna, my favorite roller coaster OR to Toy Story Mania; I am running to the nearest Starbucks and I will knock out anyone that gets in my way.

Starbucks is now open on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom, at EPCOT’s Fountain View, and Disney Hollywood Studios’ Trolley Car Cafe. You can also find it in Downtown Disney- West Side and finally, Animal Kingdom, in the location that was formerly Creature Comforts, later in the summer of 2015, construction is already underway.  For any coffee fan, this is fantastic news!  No longer are we forced to drink the mediocre blend from the resorts- we can have our highly caffeinated, incredibly snobby venti-mocha-soy-triple shot-“I don’t even know what half of it means” beverages in DISNEY.  Here is the good word on the sacred beverages!

Main Street USA

Main Street USA

They offer a full Starbucks menu along with some Disney treats as well.  There is also a grab and go cooler with sandwiches, fruit and the like after 11:00AM.  You can also use the Disney Dining Plan!  All beverages are eligible for snack credits, as are most of the baked goods/pastries.  Quick service meals can also be used for the breakfast sandwiches, which includes a beverage, just look for the DDP symbol on the menu.starbucks 2

Be sure to remember: your beverage can count as a snack on the DDP.  Disney Diva Tip: When ordering my favorite beverage as a snack shortly after they opened, a barista cast member encouraged me to order the largest size with an extra shot of espresso, because it would give me the most bang for my buck!  What a wonderful idea!  USE your SNACK CREDITS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!  Even if you don’t drink the entire beverage it is surely cost effective!

Even better news: You can also use Disney OR Starbucks giftcards at the Starbucks locations!  Disney, however is NOT accepting Starbucks rewards, but IS allowing you to accumulate points at the Disney Starbucks locations.  You can also pay with the mobile app on your smartphone. WOW, they make this so easy for us!starbucks 3

If you are like me, mugs are always something I buy in the parks to give me that little glimmer of Disney Hope in my real life once I return home.  Starbucks offers a variety of mugs with their logo and the Disney Parks logo on the other side!  They also have the “you are here” mugs, which seem to be quite a big hit amongst mug collectors and Disney Parks enthusiasts.