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By British Diva

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Have a conversation with us British and generally you will end up talking about the weather; it’s our national obsession don’t you know!   Is it….too hot, too cold, too wet and will we actually get a summer this year?! 

Tell anyone you’re visiting Walt Disney World and for sure they’ll remark that you will catch some rays and depending on the time of year; be coping with some very hot & steamy tropical heat as well. 

Florida is of course known as the Sunshine State and that’s because on average 245 days of the year will have temperatures in excess of 80°f ~ 27°c

If you want to avoid serious melt down I strongly advise you to avoid early August where temperatures and of course the strength of the sun will be at their peak.

It’s just too darned hot!

Be Sun Smart

I find that even going into your local chemist, (drug store) or supermarket to purchase the appropriate sun screen for your family can make you hot on the collar…… 

Cancer Research UK recommends using a sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15, importantly combined with a 5 star UVA & UVB rating.

You should regularly reapply during the day and especially after swimming or water sports; even if you’ve used a waterproof lotion. 

It’s important to remember that bottles of sunscreen do go out of date, shelf life is only 2-3 years. 

I usually wait until I get to Orlando to purchase both my sunscreen and aftersun lotions.  In my opinion they are a good deal cheaper than here in the UK; not to mention the wider choice of SPF’s ranging up to & over 110! 

Got to the parks and forgotten your sunscreen?  Don’t worry, you can make an emergency purchase at most shops (stores) although you may not see any displayed….just ask the nearest Cast Member and they will produce some from beneath the counter.  Souvenir carts will also have sunscreen available to purchase, again you may need to enquire with the CM first. 

TIP – keep a lip balm with SPF in your pocket at all times! 

Selection of lotions purchased in Walmart

Dressing for the occasion……

Let’s not kid ourselves, spending a day outside in an unfamiliar heat can be dangerous to our health and no one wants to spoil a fabulous holiday (vacation) by not following some common sense rules.  
It is advisable to protect your head from the strong rays of sunshine and avoiding possible sunstroke by wearing a hat or a visor; even if you’re like me and wouldn’t dream of wearing them when at home! 
Sunglasses are a must in Florida! You should look for shades with UV400 lenses for maximum sun protection. 
For day wear I always make sure that my children’s shoulders are covered – so spaghetti straps are out & cap sleeves are in
Be sun smart & stay cool!


TIP – there are first aid centres situated in all the parks should you become over heated during a park day and need to seek the free medical advice of a registered (licensed) nurse or simply just cool off with a drink of iced tap water ~ 

Magic Kingdom ~ Main Street USA next to the Crystal Palace
EPCOT ~ at the Odyssey Centre 
Hollywood Studios ~ Guest Services on Hollywood Boulevard
Animal Kingdom ~ behind Creature Comforts on Discovery Island

Unless you are in a water park or by your resort pool the dress code for men at WDW is to wear a (tee) shirt at all times. This is good thing for saving yourself from a sunburnt burnt back!  

British Diva’s Sun Smart Top Tips ~

Slip, Slap, Slop…..

Slip….on a shirt Slap….on a hat and some shades Slop….on plenty of sunscreen and lip balm