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By the Budget Diva
After planning our Disney World vacation I wanted to surprise my three children with this awesome news. I decided to wait to tell them the news until just three weeks before we were leaving. With little children if you tell them too far in advance they will start asking constantly when it is time to go. I still wanted to allow time for them to be excited about the vacation though. I ordered them personalized shirts from StitchesNBows and then woke up early and decorated the kitchen table with little mouse confetti pieces that I made myself (purchased the mouse puncher at Hobby Lobby) and donuts for breakfast.
Big sister reading the sign to her little brother!
They loved their new personalized shirts from StitchesNBows
The kids were absolutely surprised and so happy! I couldn’t believe that I was able to keep such a big secret for so long! There are many fun ways to surprise your kids, depending on how old they are you could prepare a scavenger hunt with clues leading to a box with Mickey and Minnie stuffed animals or you could mail them a letter from their favorite character with a note that says see you soon.
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