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  By Diva 999
Disneyland is a magical place with so much to experience. Making memories with our children is so important.  Family is the reason behind most Disney trips. We spend so much time and money trying to make our Disney vacations special for our family, that it is a disappointment to us as parents when our dreams for a perfect vacation come crashing down into a pile of vomit and sunburns.  Sometimes it’s a down right disaster. One child is in tears, one is bored, and the other is hungry.
  Like many, I  have such high expectations of having a wonderful vacation. I have learned the hard way to expect the unexpected, plan for everything, and to always carry a bag full of little necessities to help the day go smoother. None of us want to be “that” parent at the baby care center trying to wash poop out of our toddler’s clothes in the sink.
Every morning on our Disneyland vacation, I pack our family’s Disney bag. It is a bag full of things my family and I need throughout the day. Things like a change of clothes for each kid in case they get wet or dirty are important. I put each change of clothes in a big Ziploc bag. This way when I need them they are clean. It is also really nice to have something that seals tightly when dealing with poop. Reusable water bottles are great for quick fill ups when your child needs a drink. It won’t cost you $20 either! That way you’ll have more money for churros.  Hand sanitizer goes in the bag too. It’s great in a pinch when you can’t find a bathroom to wash up for a meal or a snack. Baby wipes are a staple even if your kids are potty trained. They are good for runny noses, dirty hands, and quick clean ups. I also always have the ever important first aid kit; sometimes a band aide does make everything better.
People- it’s Disneyland. There are lines, long lines. Sometimes they last for hours. Be prepared. At some point your kids are going to lose it. They are going to fight, and whine, and drive you crazy.  Don’t end up slumped over the counter at Trader Sam’s . You’re so much better than that. Always carry something to distract your children in line. Bubbles work great because not only are you entertaining your own children, but other children as well.   You’ll be amazed by how many people are grateful your children are in line with theirs. Lollipops are a great thing to have in your Disney bag because, well if there is something in your child’s mouth, they can’t complain too much. Our youngest had a hard time not climbing all over the queue bars so we always have a small pair of binoculars that we give to him so he can search things out. He loves it. He finds something that we are adults miss.  With our older children pointing out hidden Mickey’s or special things in queue lines usually does the trick. The little details and surprises are fun for us to search for and an easy way to keep our sanity. Finally after all that waiting, and waiting, and waiting, you get the entrance of the ride. You did it. Parents give yourselves a pat on the back. You made it on to your first ride of the day. Congratulations, you only have to do this fifteen to twenty times more today. 
            Hungry kids are not happy kids. In Disneyland we want happy kids. Don’t forget to pack snacks in your Disney bag. Each of our children has their own snack box that we pack each morning. It makes it so easy to reach into your bag and pull out a snack.  Don’t be the parent that leaves the line to get cotton candy, and comes back to a sea of dirty looks.  Pack whatever your family likes. Our family really likes baby carrots. I also always have some type of gum and whole pieces of fruit. Sometimes having snacks on hand is a life saver.
Face it, things aren’t always going to go as planned. Children are going to get tired and cranky at some point. They are children after all. They are going to whine. They are going to argue, and they even might embarrass you once or twice along the way.  If all else fails, buy them a turkey leg to gnaw on, maybe it will put them to sleep like a thanksgiving dinner.
 Family trips are not about relaxing by the pool and having long luxurious dinners. It’s about survival people. It’s about anticipating everything that can go wrong and being prepared for it. Then, and only then, you start to see the magic. You finally see the vacation, the one you dreamed about and worked so hard to pay for.  Suddenly your family looks like the family on all the Disneyland brochures. The magic of Disneyland comes with patience, planning and fun all mixed together. Disneyland is a magical place. You just need to make sure you bring a little magic with you too.