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by Run Diva

As I started to get more and more into fitness and running, I started looking for the perfect head band. I’ve found that most brands that you find at clothing stores of even places like Target, tend to slip or get worn out so quickly. I would often find an indent on my hair or even a headache! I remember once taking one off and thinking “That’s why my head hurts!” which is never a good sign. Around the gym, I would see some women who have had the cutest headbands but I just kept thinking “How do they get them to stay?” When I went to my first RunDisney race, Tinkerbell 2013, I saw some of the best headbands I’ve ever seen at the Fitness Expo- Sweaty Bands! I bought a few to try, and ever since, I have been in love. For me, I associate any RunDisney race with a Sweaty Band. In fact, every time I visit the Fitness Expo at a race, I make a point to stop by and pick up a new color. My personal favorite are the thin, sparkly colors (in any color!) which I pick to match whatever race outfit I have picked.


They come in a huge variety of colors, widths, textures as well as matte or a sparkly finish. They have a thin band, which I prefer, and a thicker band which is about an inch in width. Usually the thicker band has more room for the title of the race weekend, or a cute Disney saying on it. Like I said above, there are sparkly finishes and matte finishes. The sparkly bands have a little bit of a rough feeling because it’s giving off so many sparkles!


Each RunDisney race also has a sweaty band that has the name, date, and logo for each race, making them extremely fun to collect! I could go on an on about how adorable they are, but I believe the most important details is that they never move. I’m not kidding! I’ve ran in these for 48.6 miles and never once have I had a hair malfunction. They aren’t headache inducing from being too tight, in fact they have a small amount of elastic in the back which will expand or contract to how small your head is. In fact, there have been plenty of times where I’ve fallen asleep with one on and not even noticed. I get constant compliments on them and in fact one of my boot campers even said, “Your headbands are just so ‘your look!'”


I’ve had some now for about 2-3 years and the elastic has held up quite nicely. They had a wonderful holiday sale where I gave them out as the perfect gifts to my running friends! If you’re deciding to take the plunge and make an order, you will not be sorry! Well, you might be a little sorry because they are so addicting! Pretty soon you’ll have every color just like me!


And now here’s the really great news. We’ve partnered with Sweaty Bands, and they have generously agreed to take part in a 2 pack of sweaty bands giveaway! The giveaway is for the sweaty bands featured in the 2 pack pictured above (the “exclusive lime green Wicked Sweaty Band” and the Minnie Mouse inspired “Do the Polka Dots Red, White” from their Fairy Tale Collection. If you have an upcoming runDisney race (Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon anyone?) Sweaty Bands has just the thing to help you show your Disney side while running! You can even wear them while Disneybounding around the parks! Enter through the Rafflecopter link below for your chance to win these two adorable bands!

Please like each of the Facebook Pages! We will verify all entries recieved.

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