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By: Jersey Diva 

While planning our Disney trip last year, we knew we wanted to go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party one night.  Knowing we would be having a late night we decided we would spend the morning/afternoon in Downtown Disney.  While making our dining reservations, I wanted to be sure to include something for my nephew, having already planned on a Princess meal for my daughters and niece.  T-Rex it is!  

Upon entering, we were greeted by a dinosaur.  My nephew was in heaven!  

Jersey Nephew with his new friend
The entire restaurant is like something out of history. Everything was beautifully well done.  


This jelly fish would move up and down like it was real.


On to the food.  The food was out of this world amazing!  The menu goes right along with the theme of the restaurant. There are appetizers like Brachiosaurus Bruschette, Ptersaur Wings, Megalosaurus Mozzerella among other yummy choices.  For the herbivores out there, T-Rex offers salads such as the Jurassic Salad, Omnivore’s Delight, Pteradactyl Salad and more!  I ordered the Cretaceous Chicken Fried Steak and it was beyond delicious!  The waffle fries are out of this world!  The other adults in my group all ordered the Boneyard Buffet which included Fire Roasted Rotisserie Chicken and Ribs. These are only two of the items listed on this menu. Diners have a choice of chicken, ribs, steak, hamburgers and seafood.  Jersey Sister and Jersey Mom each ordered a specialty drink, Prehistoric Sunset, which came in a souvenir glass.  

You don’t have to take our word for it but based on atmosphere, food and overall experience we give T-Rex 20 thumbs up!  We all enjoyed the entire experience and will be sure to go back on our next trip. 
Happy eating!!