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By:  Tangled Diva

Peeve 4Everyone has their favorite things to do, see and even eat at Walt Disney World.  But, everyone likely also has a list of their pet peeves when it comes to Walt Disney World.  Typically, these peeves are usually attributed to guests and not Walt Disney World or its amazing Cast Members.  Below is a list of my pet peeves when it comes to Walt Disney World.

  1. Inconsiderate Map People – I think this one probably tops everyone’s list, so I almost didn’t even include it because it felt redundant.  But, truly one of my biggest peeves is inconsiderate map people.  I recognize that not everyone knows Disney like the back of their hand, so sometimes maps are absolutely necessary.  But, please be courteous and move out of the walkway before stopping to figure out where you want to go next.  And, honestly whether you are stopping to take a look at your map, chat with your party, check your cell phone or pick your nose; the middle of a crowded walkway is NEVER the right place for it.
  2. Magic Spoilers – My son, at 8 years old, will tell you that magic isn’t real except in Disney World.  And, I hope he believes this for a very long time.  Kids have to grow up way too quickly now, so I want to preserve that innocence as long as I can, which is why magic spoilers are a real peeve of mine.  You know the type, those that analyze and boldly announce how different tricks happen or point out Tinkerbell’s wire.  We get it!  You’re a genius and we are in awe of your awesomeness…now shutup and stop spoiling it for our children.
  3. Inappropriate Dressers – Holy cow!  This is definitely my biggest peeve.  To quote my friend Bryan, Disney is the “Yoga Pant Capital of the World.”  And, being a yoga pant lover myself, I recognize that they are very comfortable and the ideal thing for Disney.  However, please avoid flesh colored ones; see through ones; and please buy them in an appropriate size (I have seen them stretched so much that you can see straight through them to a hot pink thong–thought I was going to have to have the birds and the bees talk due to these pants).  The same goes for the increasingly popular leggings.  Also, please avoid excessive cleavage and too short shorts (only one set of cheeks should be visible at Disney)!  You are at Disney, not a club!  Please remember that.  If you know you are going to ride a water ride, please dress accordingly (a flaming red bra with a white shirt, probably wasn’t your best choice).  The biggest time I have seen inappropriate dressers is at the Halloween Party.  I know, according to the movie “Mean Girls,” “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it,” and while I don’t agree with this in any venue, I seriously disagree with Disney being an appropriate place for your “slutty” costume.  Lastly, please save your speedos and string bikinis for the beach–not the Disney pool.
  4. People That Are Rude To Cast Members – With only one exception, I have never ever met a rude cast member.  They are always extremely friendly, kind and helpful.  They are well-trained and typically able to answer any questions you have that relate to their particular area.  And, while Disney is a magical place, like all things, it isn’t perfect.  Hiccups are going to happen.  If you find yourself with a lost bag, a ride shuts down after you’ve waited for a while, or they stop serving taco salads at your absolute favorite quick serve restaurant even though it was your absolute favorite thing to eat at Disney and you went there multiple times every single time you went (sorry – still a little sensitive about Pecos Bill taking taco salads off the menu)–just remember that the Cast Members are doing the best they can, and they are not the decision makers.  I have worked in a customer service, so I tend to, more-so than most, give people the benefit of the doubt.  I never, ever complain about a rude employee or bad service.  But, the one time we did experience a rude Cast Member was a bus driver and it was the way she treated an individual in a wheelchair–she was so rude and demeaning to the individual that you could tell the individual in the wheelchair was absolutely mortified.  We did end up reporting this by telling another Cast Member at the next bus stop who immediately took notes on it and reported it.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t be afraid to report it.  Disney truly does take these things very seriously.
  5. People that Lie About Their Race Pace -This one strictly pertains to Disney races.  When you register for a Disney race, you have to tell them your pace and you have to give them a race that you ran to verify the time.  Obviously, they can’t possibly go and check these, but it is a way to try and keep people accountable.  They use your race time to corral you with people who have the same pace as you to keep the race flowing smoothly.  The problem is that some people lie about their times.  When I ran in the Disney Princess race last year, I was in the first corral for the 10K, and from the beginning of the race I was having to dodge walkers, which is very difficult at the beginning of a race when everyone is still pretty close together.  Let me clarify that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with walking in a Disney race.  But, if you are walking at the very beginning then there is no way that you were honest when you entered your estimated finish time/race pace.  And, while I don’t recommend a Disney race for setting any pace goals (I highly recommend running for FUN not TIME), for those that are trying to finish in a certain time, it makes it very difficult for those who are when they are having to bob and weave the entire first mile of the race.
  6. Profanity – I am not a fan of profanity anywhere but especially not at Disney World.  Please remember that there are young ears around some of whom are still learning to talk and learning what a “bad word” is.  Trust me, I know from experience, they may not repeat it right away, but I promise they will bust out with their newly learned word in Sunday School one Sunday morning much to the dismay of their non-cursing parents.  Please keep it PG (in all areas not just language) when at Disney.
  7. Unprepared Guests – I recognize that not everybody goes to Disney as much as we do.  So you’re just going to have to get over some things like not knowing how to properly use your magic band or place your finger on the sensor.  But, there are some areas where common sense (which I recognize is quickly becoming extinct) must intervene.  For example, if you are in line to get your bag checked, have your bag ready.  Or if you are in line to purchase something and you aren’t using your magic band, have your wallet or money ready.  Disney is one of the best trips you ever take, but if you fail to plan properly it can also be one of the most miserable.  While I am not a fan of planning out every second, you do need a plan a plan at Disney in order to fit everything in.
  8. Inconsiderate People – This is something you are going to experience anywhere, but for some reason we think we shouldn’t have to experience such things at the most magical place on earth, and they tend to get on your nerves a little more.  Below is a non-exhaustive list of peeve-worthy behavior:
    • As mentioned earlier, people that stop in the middle of walkways.
    • I know that children often have a hard time seeing over the heads of adults.  But, if you are going to put your child on your shoulders during a parade or show, please be sure you aren’t blocking someone else’s view by doing so.
    • People that walk on the wrong side of the walkway.  But, I do have to strongly defend most of these people.  We tend to walk the same way we drive–in America, we drive on the right side of the road.  However, Disney World has visitors from all over the world–many of which drive on the opposite side of the road as we do.  If you will pay attention, most of those that walk on what we consider the wrong side of the walkway are not Americans.  When I started noticing this it became far less annoying and actually kind of interesting to monitor as it showed the amazing diveristy represented in Disney crowds.
    • Strollers are often a necessity when it comes to little ones at Disney.  But, please be aware of where you are and how close you are to people.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve had my ankles nipped by a stroller.

As I mentioned when talking about people that walk on the wrong side of the walkway, you have to remember that Disney is a very diverse crowd–that is part of its appeal.  But, what is socially acceptable and expected in American culture is not the same in other areas of the world.  As someone who grew up in the South, I find it offensive when children don’t say ma’am and/or sir, but I recognize this is predominantly a Southern thing that is not considered rude in most other areas of the world.  Even things like deodorant, which is expected to be worn in America, are not used in other areas of the world.  So exhibit some patience and tolerance when it comes to these things by embracing the diversity.  Let’s face it, we could all stand to exhibit a little more patience, and Disney is a great place to start doing it.