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By: Beauty and the Beast Diva



Disney has such a variety of places to stay.  If you’re looking for a low budget option, or you really don’t plan on staying in the room much, you can opt for a value hotel.  If you want to be able to come back to your room and enjoy the pool or have that “little bit of a more for your money” feel, go for a moderate resort.  If you want to go all out and want the cream of the crop of Disney hotels, go for a deluxe resort.  Wherever you think you might want to stay, be sure to do your research.  Here is a little insight as to what each hotel level offers.

all starValue Resorts- While I have only stayed at one value hotel, I have done a fair amount of research, and what I noticed is that they tend to be the biggest and busiest.  When I stayed there, I actually didn’t sleep much; there was so much commotion going on in the hall outside of our room from a large tour group of teens, that any chance of sleep seemed to fly out the window.

Value Resort Details

  • Rooms tend to be less than 300 sq. ft.
  • Rooms sleep 4, plus an infant in a pack and play, which is provided by the Disney hotels (some suite style rooms sleep 6)
  • Rooms are usually two double beds or one king-sized bed
  • Bathrooms are one sink (usually located outside of the bathroom), one toilet and one bathtub/shower combo (again some suites have more than 1 bathroom)
  • Views will be of the resort, wooded areas, pool, or parking lots
  • Pools do NOT have slides, but are themed
  • Playgrounds on premises
  • Food court and a poolside bar located at the hotel
  • Transportation to Disney Parks via bus
  • Pizza delivery is also available late in the evening

port orleansModerate Hotels- I have stayed at every moderate resort on Disney property (yes, every single one).  While Port Orleans French Quarters is my absolute favorite, they all have their pros and cons. Go with what you like, what seems interesting to you.  I have rarely been disappointed by a moderate resort.  Please be aware some of these resorts are HUGE, so walking after a long day at the parks from the bus stop is almost always going to happen!

Moderate Resort Details

  • Usually between 300- 500 sq. ft
  • Most rooms sleep 4, but some moderate resorts can sleep 5 to 6 guests.
  • Bathrooms have 2 sinks (again usually separate from the bathroom), one toilet and one bathtub/shower combo
  • Views will be of the resort, wooded areas, pools, lakes or rivers, or parking lots.
  • Resorts have 2 queen-size beds or one king-size bed.
  • Large pool will have a slide. Many moderate resorts also offer quiet pools (There is no “theme” at these pools and they tend to be less crowded and more “adult”)
  • Playground on premises
  • Transportation to Disney parks via bus or boat to Downtown Disney Area
  • Pool bar, indoor bar/lounge, food court (quick service), sit down restaurant (table service)
  • Water recreation and/or bike rentals
  • Pizza delivery is available late in the evening

grandDeluxe Hotels– These hotels are the cream of the crop, truly top notch, Disney at its finest!  I really didn’t become a Disney lover until I stayed at a deluxe resort.

  • Variety of room types and sizes from standard to suites
  • They range between 340-1000 sq. ft.
  • Most rooms sleep 4 and an infant, but some resorts do sleep up to 5 guests and an infant.
  • Two sinks, again separate from the toilet, and shower/tub combo. Many of the suites have different bathroom combinations
  • Two queen-sized beds or one king-size bed available
  • Patio or balcony
  • Views may be of wooded areas, lakes, theme parks, parking lots, pools, and some may offer views of fireworks (Animal Kingdom Lodge offers views of animal habitats)
  • Pools will have slides
  • Quiet pools available
  • Children pools/splash pads
  • Hot tubs located in pool area
  • Water recreation and/or bike rentals are available
  • Health Club on premises
  • Playground on premises
  • Food court (counter service), pool side bar, at least 1 indoor bar/lounge
  • Multiple sit down meal locations, often character dining present on premises
  • Transportation to parks via walking, monorail, boat, or bus depending on location. boardwalk

Have I just made your decision even more difficult? Here are some ways I like to help people out when trying to advise them on where to stay!

-Do you plan on going back year after year?  I go a few time a year, so I spend less time at the parks and more time relaxing—if that’s you too, you may want to try out a moderate or a deluxe resort.

-If you plan on staying at the parks from the time the park opens until it closes stay at a value hotel!   If you are only using your room to sleep and shower then you have everything you need!

-Planning a lot of pool time with the family?  Moderate resorts are the way to go: They are family-friendly, have a ton of activities to offer, and feel less “stuffy” than some of the deluxe resorts.  poly

-Do you have young children that you want to keep on a schedule but still want to enjoy Disney for yourself?  Stay at a Deluxe resort! You can leave the park, return to your hotel quickly for a nap or an early bedtime AND still be able to see the fireworks from your room.

-Traveling on a budget?  Stay at a value hotel, they offer so much for your money or you can always upgrade to a moderate resort.

Disney always does the best they can to provide you with a magical experience, you are rarely disappointed at a Disney hotel. And if you need help booking your vacation, we recommend Patricia Payne from All for Dreams Travel. Click here for a free quote.