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by Disney Magic Diva

We all have those things in life which can make us happy, even on our worst days. A day at Disney might top your list, but other, more everyday things can elicit joy too. A spontaneous hug from your child, a surprise bonus at work, finding the perfect pair of shoes, or the come-from-behind victory of your favorite team. For me, chocolate can almost always turn my frown upside down. And when you combine Disney with chocolate, well, you can rest assured I’ll be a happy mouseketeer. So when I heard a new chocolate store was open in Disney Springs, I knew it was something I needed to

The Ganachery, located in The Landing at Disney Springs, is a chocolate-lover’s paradise. As soon as you enter, you are enveloped with a calming, heavenly aroma and I found myself completely at peace and incredibly excited, all at the same time.  As anxious as I was to sample everything, my bank account wouldn’t allow that. So I forced myself to slowly wander through the shop, and take in each and every luscious option.

As we entered the shop, we saw the chocolates actually being made. Right there before our eyes. You know you will be getting fresh, hand-made chocolates when you see them being made! The Ganachery has all types and flavors of chocolate goodies, from specialty chocolate bars to chocolate pops to crispy chocolate pearls.popscrispy pearls But my absolute favorite is the ganache chocolates. I just adore that smooth, rich, creamy filling! And talk about flavors! Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate. Yeah, you can find those pretty much anywhere. star warsHow about dark chocolate with natural orange and fruit tea flavors? Or milk chocolate with Sri Lankan cinnamon? Want to kick it up a notch? Try Chipotle Pepper – a dark chocolate with a hint of Mexican Red Pepper. Really, I don’t think you can make a bad choice here!candy counter

If you just can’t decide which flavor to enjoy, you can always opt for a box. Individual pieces of ganache chocolates are $3, while a box of 6 is $18, 9 pieces is $24 and 12 pieces is $30. I really wanted to get a big box (or maybe 2!), but we weren’t heading back to the resort anytime soon, and didn’t want our chocolates to melt in the hot Florida sun. So we settled on a box of 6, and barely made it 10 feet out the door before they were gone. Couldn’t let them melt, you know. Let me tell you from personal experience, I highly recommend the Raspberry, Coffee, Cinnamon, Orange, Chipotle Pepper, and Caramel Fleur de Sel ganache

If, heaven-forbid, you’re not a chocolate-lover but know someone who is, this makes a perfect gift! The box itself is beautiful, and the unbelievable chocolates are sure to be a hit! If you’re not a fan of the ganache chocolate, a chocolate bar is $9.50, a tube of crispy chocolate pearls (which come in a variety of flavors) is $6.50 and a chocolate pop is $6.00.

So next time you are in Disney Springs, be sure to stop by The Ganachery and splurge on a chocolate treat. And then have another one for me!


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