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Author: Disney Diva

It’s CHRISTMAS TIME! And Christmas lights are everywhere. Sometimes I look at the neighbors and I think… whoa you have WAY TOO MANY LIGHTS on your house.

But at Disney I NEVER think that!

At Disney I say GIMMIE more! Enter Osborne’s Family Spectacular of Dancing Lights…right on the streets of Hollywood Studios!

It doesn’t matter what age you are you will adore this deluge of lights! I would honestly say that if you have any disorders that could give you problems from flashing lights you need to avoid this. My mother has MS and flashing lights really bother her so we don’t bring her to this.

 The Osborne lights begin right at dusk daily during the holiday season and can handle quite a lot of people. The lights are fun and dance up and down the street to the beat of the music. You don’t need a reservation, just take a second and soak up the fun!

You don’t need an extra ticket like you do for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, just a park ticket to get into Hollywood Studios.

This is a DON’T MISS for the holidays!
Have fun!!!

Merry Christmas from the Divas!