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by Daisy Diva

If you’ve been to Disney World, then you know the value of a good place to rest inside the parks.  One of my favorite places to take a break, rest my feet, and wash up is the Tangled restroom area at the Magic Kingdom.  This lovely, perfectly themed spot is located between “It’s a Small World” and the Haunted Mansion, and it is just perfection.  I realized that I am gushing on and on (no pun intended) about a bathroom, but it’s so much more than that.

First of all, if you are a fan of Tangled and Rapunzel (which I totally am), than you will love the gorgeous replica of Rapunzel’s tower.  I could just stand there staring at it, but I try to avoid being one of “those people” who block the walkways, so I keep walking and strain my neck to take it all in.

Tangled Tower

The area itself is equipped with several barrel-shaped tables with seats and benches for resting.  But if you look closely, the “stumps” are actually charging stations for your phones or other electronics.  And if you have been using your phone in the park for taking pictures, accessing the My Disney Experience app for checking wait times or changing your FastPass+ reservations, or catching up with the Disney Divas, then you will find yourself out of batter power pretty quickly.  And what makes this area even better is that it is quite shady with lots of trees, so it’s a comfy spot for charging your phone.

Tangled Table

As I mentioned earlier, the theming is absolutely perfect!  I love that there are “Wanted” posters for all of the ruffians and thugs from the movie that we love so much!

Tangled Poster

The buildings are perfectly painted, and the music from the movie is playing so you really feel like you have walked right into that sweet kingdom from the movie.  I have to fight the urge to grab a stranger hand and start dancing in a circle, but I digress…

Tangled Building

Now, on to the bathrooms.  As a mother of two little ones, I love a family bathroom, and this area has one.

Tangled Family Bathroom

But it also has your standard bathrooms separated by gender as well.  And let me just tell you, they are so gorgeous.  The walls and ceilings look like Rapunzel painted them herself!  I did the best I could to get a picture without looking like a lunatic.  (Cue the crazy lady standing at the bathroom entrance taking pictures.  The things I do for you Diva fans!)

Tangled Bathroom Painting

So, there you have it.  One of my favorite spots in the Magic Kingdom that is not a ride, restaurant or attraction! Where is your favorite place to rest in the Magic Kingdom? Leave a comment below!

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