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                                                                    The Tree Of Life

                                                                     By Florida Diva

                                Photo by Florida Diva

Visible from most places in The Animal Kingdom Park, The Tree of Life stands 14 stories tall and spans 50 feet across and 170 feet at the root base. The Discovery Island Trails will lead you closer and closer to the heart of this incredible work of art that took 13 people 18 months to create. And as expected, they’ve not skimped on special touches in order to bring their creation to life. Each branch has been fitted with move-able joints which allows the tree to sway, naturally, in the breeze. 

 As you wander the trails, you’ll begin to weave in and out of its massive root system and spot many of the intricate carvings of animals that help make up its massive trunk.  It’s a refreshing, leisurely walk through the rain-forest and past waterfalls that eventually leads under the tree itself. Here you’ll have a short wait among the roots, still spotting animals and taking refuge from the sun. Soon, doors open and you’re guided into a large theater that sits within the tree. Find a spot along one of the many wooden benches and get your 3D glasses ready, as you’ll soon experience Disney in all its “4D” finest.

When the “It’s Tough To Be a Bug” show begins, you quickly learn that it’s an attempt to create a level of understanding and acceptance for what it’s like to be an insect in a human dominated world. Cleverly scripted with sincerity and humor you begin to feel empathy for these little creatures until your olfactory senses are bombarded with the fallout from a nervous stink bug. And be prepared to jump from your seat in delight as you squeal like a little girl and chuckle in awe at the incredible magic of Disney and the experience the Imagineers have created for your enjoyment.   

The Tree of Life also holds a huge SHORTCUT through Animal Kingdom. You can see the article HERE.

Restrictions: None. This attraction is suitable for all ages and is wheelchair accessible.