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by Practically Perfect Diva

Although Frozen came out in 2013, children just can’t seem to “let it go.” Whether it’s the catchy music, the lovable characters, the beautiful message, or all of the above, children are still asking their parents to throw them Frozen themed birthday parties. Here are some fantastic tips to help you throw your child a really “cool” Frozen party.

10405362_10201810148456010_2442891928693733785_nAttire: First thing’s first. Make sure the birthday girl/boy has a Frozen costume to wear for their party. For girls, there are plenty of Elsa and Anna costumes available in a variety of designs, including Frozen Fever (aka The Disney short about Anna’s birthday). For boys, Olaf is very popular and so is Kristoff. If you are crafty, there is plenty of fabric available at fabric stores like Jo-Ann’s to create your very own Frozen costume. (My daughter was very fortunate to have her very talented and dedicated grandmother make her a gorgeous Elsa dress for her birthday.) Don’t forget the wig (if needed) and the accessories too! When my younger daughter dressed up as Anna, she carried a stuffed Olaf around with her. It was adorable! Encourage your guests to wear Frozen attire to the party as well for extra fun!

10603437_10201416537375979_3618560865134000914_nPhoto Op: It’s always nice to have a backdrop at parties to take pictures with your guests. There are life-size cardboard stand-ups of characters from Frozen that are perfect for this. (Oriental Trading Company has a great selection.) I bought the classic one of Elsa and Anna standing back to back and it was a hit! We set it up next to the front door and as soon as the guests arrived, my daughter posed for a picture with her guests. (Diva Tip: When you send thank you notes, include the picture the guests took with the birthday girl/boy.)

995618_671447496271272_1357684904936304188_nDecorations: There are plenty of Frozen decorations you can buy at party stores like Party City, but if you really want to add some special touches, you need to get crafty! Making a banner with your child’s name is a great way to personalize the party. Use a small snowflake punch and white paper to create tiny white snowflakes. Then form the letters of your child’s name with the snowflakes by gluing them onto what I call “Elsa Blue” colored construction paper. (Diva Tip: Leave more space at the top of the construction paper, because you will need to fold the top part back to string the ribbon through for the banner.)

10568793_671447542937934_4343597595985412686_nIt’s also fun to include decorations only Frozen fans would understand. For example, set out some carrots for Sven, the reindeer, by the front door or put a sign on the bathroom door that says “Let it go.”

10470598_671423666273655_5226734396095160447_nFood: Some great ideas for party snacks are pretzels for “Snowman Arms,” baby carrots for “Snowman Noses” and Ranch dressing for “Fresh Powdered Snow” to go with it. You can also cut blue JELL-O into squares and call them “Kristoff’s Ice Blocks.” Make signs for the food and use small white Styrofoam balls to hold them up. They will look just like snowballs! (Diva Tip: Make a slit into the top of the Styrofoam ball with a knife for the sign to slip into and place the ball on an upside down white bottle cap to keep the ball in place.)

10522557_671423706273651_1624743117076626077_nDrinks: Turn water bottles into cute snowmen! Use a hole puncher to cut out five circles from black foam (Two circles for the eyes and three for the buttons.) Then cut out a small triangle from orange foam for the nose and glue them on. Use pipe cleaner for the scarf and tadah, you’ve got yourself an adorable little snowman! Another fun drink to have at the party is Glacier Freeze Gatorade. Peel off the Gatorade paper and glue on your own paper that says “Elsa’s Glacier Freeze” or “Elsa’s Icy Blast.”

10458356_10201416528375754_5918138681100717297_nCake Table: If you have Frozen toys to use as decorations for the cake and cake table, by all means use them! By adding an Elsa’s ice castle toy and Frozen figurines to the cake, it make my daughter’s cake look so much fancier. You can also put sweets for your guests at the cake table, like blue lollipops and suckers.

10480999_671423782940310_685821739923460419_nGames: A fun and easy game to play is Freeze Dance set to Frozen songs (of course). Another game children can play is toss. Simply give them small white Styrofoam balls and a bucket and see how many “snowballs” they can toss into the bucket. Put a spin on Pin The Tail On The Donkey by playing Pin The Nose On The Snowman. Draw a snowman on big poster board, but leave out the nose. Cut out triangles from either orange construction paper or foam. When the child is about to take their turn, put double sided tape on the back of the carrot.

10592779_671423559606999_8122792466478098286_nFavors and Goody Bags: Something fun for the kids to take home is a kit to build their very own snowman. (Diva Tip: Put one small white Styrofoam ball, one medium white Styrofoam ball, five small black foam circles, and one small orange foam triangle into a Ziplock bag. Attach a little sign to it that says “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?”) Something else you can do is put candies/chocolates into a small box and attach a note to it that says “Thank you snow much” or “Some people are worth melting for.”