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by: Canadian Diva

Allergy-friendly Walt Disney World meal

D-Luxe Burger, Disney Springs, Walt Disney World

Ahhhhhhh, Burgers and Fries! The quintessential all American meal enjoyed by millions. However if you have severe allergies or have children that do, this North American staple is usually not possible to enjoy. Well I’m here to tell you that D-Luxe Burger is a welcoming meal for people who suffer from food intolerances and/or food related diseases, allergies or have lifestyle preferences.

D-Luxe Burger is a QUICK SERVICE eatery in  Disney Springs (the re-vamped Downtown Disney). Disney Springs is literally a shopping and eating mecca. It was our family’s first time visiting this grand new area in the “World” since it changed to Disney Springs. It was an impromptu visit since it was our last day in Orlando, Florida, so we were not prepared in knowing where we wanted to eat. As we were wandering aimlessly, looking at the array of the many different places to possibly have a meal at, I noticed in a distance, a ranch-like place that was a bit more upscale and polished than a full out Western saloon. In front was a Cast Member dressed in pioneer/western outfit. The whole scene looked very welcoming, as if beckoning us for their hospitality. The Cast Member was holding menus, standing underneath the D-Luxe sign. I ran over to speak to him and asked what every allergy parent would inquire…

“My child has severe allergies, do you have an allergy menu?”

He kindly mentioned that we can ask for the chef when we reached the front. As we entered, I asked for the Chef where we order and the Chef came out right away to talk to us. I noted to him about my toddler’s severe allergies to gluten, dairy and egg. He said the Burger will be fine for him. I asked  him kindly if there were any “fillers” in the hamburger meat and he said no and that he will be sure to be careful of cross contamination. D-Luxe Burger does offer a gluten-free bun, but since it contains egg in it, I ordered the lettuce bun for my son’s burger. We also ordered “fries” which the Chef assured me that they have a dedicated fryer for allergies*. I breathed a sigh of relief and then had a feeling of excitement when I realized that my son was going to have a Burger for the first time (he has had French Fries, only at Walt Disney World, a few times during our trip).

Allergy-friendly Burgers and Fries at Walt Disney World

Wonderfully themed place to have a Quick Service meal.

My daughter ordered the Classic Cheeseburger and we paid extra to put bacon on it for her. My husband ordered the Barbecue Burger and I ordered the Veggie Burger. We also ordered “regular” fries with our meal and soda. We didn’t venture to try any of the awesome looking milkshakes. When we placed our order, we were given a buzzer and then we went to look for seating. The place is large, but had a really comfortable feeling with nice couches around the restaurant and a feature fireplace. The artifacts, going along with the Florida-ranch theme, were pretty cool to look at while waiting for our meal. As the buzzer went off I went over to the section to pick up our meal. The non-allergy meals were ready first so I brought them over to our table. After, a Cast Member kindly brought over the “Allergy-friendly” meal in a separate bag to our table. Inside was an “allergy” stick to mark that it is the allergy meal.

Allergy-Friendly Burger and Fries at Disney World

My toddler’s allergy-friendly meal at D-Luxe Burger

What I noticed when getting cutlery and napkins was how clean the place was. I mean all of Walt Disney World Eateries are clean, but I found D-Luxe Burger exceptionally clean (it may be that it wasn’t busy when we went). I really liked the cutlery and straw dispensers at this  Quick Service which reduces the risk of cross contamination further (in other Quick Service Restaurants in the theme parks and resorts we visited, the cutlery were all laid out openly in trays). I also really liked the readily available individually packaged wipes, obviously for everyone to wipe their hands before and after digging into their scrumptious burger but it was a great way to use some to clean areas so that there is no contamination of allergens that may have been left prior.

D-LUXE is super clean, great for allergies

D-LUXE Burger is very clean and organized.


Okay, you’re probably thinking, now what about the taste of the Burgers?


My husband is a Burger guy! He orders burgers even at restaurants that are not known for their burgers. Before our son was born, we would often try different Burger places, from mom and pop shops to the trendy new gourmet Burger restaurants popping up everywhere. My husband really enjoyed his burger. My daughter likes anything with bacon. And my son was in heaven, eating his fries and loving the burger meat. So what about my Veggie Burger? …… I have to say it is the BEST vegetarian burger I have ever tasted. Most veggie burgers I have are either too dry or salty (or both). This was juicy and so filling. The combination of the green beans and tzatziki sauce was a unique yet perfect flavor pairing (if you are vegan, please ask for optional details upon ordering).

Veggie Burger offered at Disney Springs

Best Veggie Burger

We skipped dessert, but I heard that they have a really cool, sweet macaron burger. If you have allergies, there isn’t a dessert option here, but not to worry, you can get your sweet tooth cravings satisfied  close by at Erin McKenna’s Bakery (where my son had an allergy-friendly ice cream, YAY!)


D-Luxe Burger is on the pricey side however if you are on a Disney Dining plan, it is a great value for your Quick Service credit!

*D-Luxe Burger is owned and operated by the Walt Disney World Company, and most restaurants owned and operated by Walt Disney World have dedicated fryers for people with allergies or food intolerances. Always ask for the Chef whenever you eat and inquire to ensure that no cross contamination occurs. And of course, always carry your epi-pen.

A vacation to Walt Disney World is always memorable, and with the Walt Disney Theme Parks philosophy on including everyone, people who have severe allergies definitely feel like it’s a true vacation where they can eat freely here. A simple meal as Burgers and Fries, which my son can hardly ever eat at home or elsewhere, he CAN have at places like D-Luxe Burger in Walt Disney World.

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