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by Disney Magic Diva

Christmas Tree Trail - Disney Springs
*This is a throwback article, Disney changes the trees each year – Disney Magic Diva wrote this article based on the trees of 2016, take a stroll down the trail this year to see what trees there are!**

Christmas Tree Trail at Disney SpringsDisney Springs has a delightful holiday display which is sure to put you in a festive spirit during this most magical time of the year. You may even find some new inspiration to make your home feel a little more like Disney this holiday season!

Grab yourself a cup of cider or cocoa, and prepare to take a magical stroll through this winter wonderland. The Christmas Tree Trail features 15 trees, each themed to a different Disney character or story. The display can be found in the Marketplace area of Disney Springs, where the old Disney bus stop was located.

As you enter the Christmas Tree Trail, the first tree you will find is, of course, based on the Mouse himself, Mickey, and his gal Minnie. It’s loaded with Mickey ornaments, and the bright red polka dot bows are such a perfect reflection of Minnie! Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs

Next is the Villian inspired tree, complete with magic potions, poison apples, spell books, and, my favorite, antlers! Gaston really must mean it when he says he uses them in all of his decorating! Then there’s the tree with no sign, but with its tropical flowers, birds of paradise, and sea shells is obviously a nod to the upcoming movie, Moana. You’ll also find ocean inspired decorations (as well as dinglehoppers) on The Little Mermaid tree. Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs

And speaking of princesses, it wouldn’t be Disney without a plethora of royalty. One of my favorites was the Cinderella tree, partially because of the timepieces stuck at midnight, and partially because of its stunning color. Christmas Tree Trail at Disney SpringsThe Beauty and the Beast tree also had timepieces as well as other inventions, books, and, of course, roses. Certainly for a winter wonderland to be complete, our two favorite princesses from Arendelle must be represented. The Frozen themed tree does just that for Anna and Elsa. You can find ice skates, mittens, icicles, snowballs, and carrots! The Tangled tree is wrapped in a long yellow braid, the Mulan tree has a stunning Chinese dragon, and the Princess and the Frog tree is ready for Mardi Gras with beads, musical instruments, and masks.Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs

There are plenty of classic movies represented on the Christmas Tree Trail as well. You’re sure to enjoy The Mary Poppins tree, for example, with its umbrellas, carousel horses, and chimney sweep brushes. The Jungle Book tree is filled with bananas and coconuts and the Muppets tree pays homage to the superstars they are with film reels and movie paraphernalia. The Alice in Wonderland tree has marvelous details of tiny tea cups, pocket watches, the Cheshire Cat, and the perfect tree topper of the Mad Hatter’s hat! And finally one of my favorite trees is the one paying tribute to 101 Dalmatians. It is loaded with spotted ornaments, dog dishes and bones, and lots and lots of black and white ribbons. The interspersed pops of red really catch your eye.

Christmas Tree Trail at Disney SpringsOne of the surprises we found along the Christmas Tree Trail was the variety in the sizes of the trees. We were a little disappointed that they weren’t the same grand scale we’re accustomed to seeing at the parks or resorts. The trees ranged in size from about 5 to 9 feet tall, with most of them standing around 7-8 feet. But nevertheless each tree was full of character and charm and they were all something anyone could recreate for their own home!

Another unexpected feature was the periodic snow! I’ll never forget the first time it began to snow when we were on Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom during the holidays. It was so magical, my eyes filled with tears. Since then, experiencing “snow” in Disney is a favorite holiday memory. So I naturally was delighted when it began to snow as we strolled down the Christmas Tree Trail.

We had a fantastic time enjoying the trees along Disney Springs’ Christmas Tree Trail. We went back and forth a couple times, always spotting some new detail. The snow and holiday music certainly added to the festive experience. Hopefully this will become a new tradition at Disney Springs! Happy Holidays!

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