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by  Pin Trading Diva


Have you ever wanted to flutter down to the size of a fairy and meet little Miss Green herself? Well, with just a little bit of pixie dust you can! Hidden in the grassy depths of Fantasyland (to the right of the Castle) dwells Tinker Bell and her Fairy Friends in Pixie Hollow and they are waiting just for you.
024As you enter the queue  you’ll notice up in the trees is  a little sculpture of Fawn greeting you.  The farther you walk in, the more details you will see. You walk over a bridge as water literally leaps across the way, courtesy of Silvermist. More of Tinker Bell’s Pixie Pals (sculptures) welcome you into the forest like a smiling Iridessa. Rosetta pops out of some flowers to say hello and at the edge of the peaceful pond you will notice a cleverly put together House and Boat made with fairy magic from “Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue”. And Periwinkle the Frost Fairy stands on a frozen branch across the way – be sure to watch to see if her wings glow! As you wait in line, take the time to gaze upon the beauty of this enchanted little land. Kids especially will like searching for their favorite sprite friends and I for one love to have them explain to me all the different Fairies and their talents.048

As you move up in the queue line you will start to notice Pixie Hollow changing before your eyes – the flowers, mushrooms, and blades of grass start to tower above you like tall buildings but don’t worry the scenery hasn’t changed – but you! You have suddenly become as small as a sprite yourself in order to meet Tinker Bell in person! By the time you have reached this point in line you will enter through the eyes of the characters, passing a “Fairies Welcome” sign as you move along. Diva Tip: Be sure to look for the Hidden Mickey!

047The first character to greet you will be one of the Fairies. They change out often so it’s a surprise each time you visit. I’ve met Silvermist and Iridessa myself, they are lovely and stick to character really well! Be sure to ask these lovely ladies all of your Fairy – related questions too. How does Periwinkle shape her snowflakes? And Fawn is sure to know what gives bees their buzz. I’m sure the little ones have many questions for them! As you move into Tinker Bell’s area you will wait near a giant mushroom. Rumor has it that the mushrooms in Pixie Hollow are all one big family (with rhyming names) that like to move around during the day and change position. Just ask a Cast Member about them and you will hear some interesting


Finally you will approach Tinker Bell’s dwellings. She meets everybody in front of her house, a giant tea pot! While she says her house is a bit messy inside, Tinker Bell being a tinker or sorts, loves to give you tours of her work shop area so don’t be shy. She’s got lots of neat scissors, hammers, and springy thingies for you to see! Also, compliment her on her shoes if you like them. She changes the dandelions out often (making a wish as she blows the old ones away) and likes to show them off. And don’t forget to pose for a Tinker-iffic photo! Attitude shots are always a must for my mom and I, and Tink is known for her silly faces.

And with a magical farewell, you make your way out of Pixie Hollow, growing as you exit, only to find yourself back in Fantasyland as a regular sized person. While you are back to a normal day in the parks, you will never forget about your time with the Fairies!

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