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Tips for Dining Reservation
By Dopey Diva

Making dining reservations as early as you can is a MUST. You may make your reservations 180 days prior to your trip but even then you are not guaranteed to get into every restaurant you want or at the times you want. This means you may need to choose other restaurants that are not necessarily your favorite choices. Don’t get completely discouraged if you have to choose your second choices, you may end up loving them even more. But I do have a tip…if you are truly determined to get into that one special restaurant don’t give up! What I do is check the website almost daily for the restaurant on the day I am hoping for at the time I am hoping to eat. I have done this for weeks before our scheduled trip and on several occasions I have been very lucky in finding a cancellation was made and I WAS able to eat exactly where I wanted!  I was actually able to get a reservation at Be Our Guest just 2 weeks before our trip (unfortunately that trip was cancelled last minute and I had to cancel our reservation). I cannot guarantee this will happen for everyone but it is worth trying, especially if there is that one special place you really want to eat!