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Author: Diva Planner

Have you been eyeing those runDisney events? You really want to run one, but don’t know where to start?
Then allow me to share some of my insight with those of you who are new to running, or are just looking for some tips!
Start Slow
I will admit it. When I began my running journey, I read a lot of running blogs and articles. I saw those who were running their first half marathon in under 2 hours. Who were running at a 7-8 minute per mile pace.
Yet I knew I couldn’t achieve that – or at least not right away.
I started slow alternating running with walking until I was able to run 3 miles without walking. (A good plan is the Couch to 5K.) To work up to my 10K goal, I ran with small walking breaks. Eventually I was able to run a full 6.2 miles – and the smile on my face was huge.

Get Good Shoes

I can’t stress this one enough. So many new runners just get shoes without consulting a running expert first. Don’t! Go to a running store and have them look at your feet, gait and stride. They will fit you with a shoe that’s right for YOU. Its really important to not just go to a big-box store like Dick’s or Hibbits. Find a RUNNING SHOE STORE if at all possible!

And just deal with the price tag. Yes, it may be expensive, but once you find a shoe that works – you can search online for a better price later.

Get A Support System

Whether it be your spouse, family members, friends or other bloggers – find others who will be your support through your running journey. There are days that running is tough, and having that support system is so important. And it’s always nice to have encouragement at the end of your race too! You can even find facebook support groups. The Disney Diva runs one you can check out HERE.

Set A Goal

For me, I signed up for a 10K to push myself beyond the 3 mile mark. Maybe for you it’s a destination race (like a Disney race!) to ensure you work to achieve it. Or maybe it’s to run with someone else for their first race. Whatever your goal is, set out to do it!

Be Proactive

Runners get injured. It happens to the best of us. Therefore, try to be proactive so those injuries don’t happen to you. Stretching and foam rolling help tremendously. And make sure do so on days you don’t run as well! Ice baths are great after long runs, but ice packs on those aches and pains help too. Disney Diva swears by “The Stick” and Epsom Salts.

And if you have an ache or pain that won’t go away, head to the doctor or physical therapist right away. Don’t push yourself as that can lead to a worse injury – which means a longer recovery time.

So there you have it – a few tips for new (and even novice) runners! And remember – it’s not always about the PRs, PDRs, paces and times – it’s about getting out there and enjoying your run!

(Also check out my vlog – video blog – on tips for new runners!)