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By Fashionista Diva
I want to start this article off by saying you DO NOT have to have your wedding on Disney property to have a Disney wedding. You can incorporate your favorite movie, characters, songs, parks, etc at any location!
Okay, you have decided you want to have a Disney wedding. Now what? The first thing you should do is decided on your theme. This will help you choose all the other important details. You can have a broad theme that incorporates many Disney movies or love stories. You can also have a specific theme that represents your favorite character or movie. The beautiful thing, the choice is yours. In this article, I will share with you all the tips and research I found while trying to choose my perfect Disney wedding theme.
Broad Themes vs. Specific Themes
Broad Theme
A broad them can encompass many aspects of Disney. For example the theme “Happily Ever After” is great for all your favorite Disney Princess love stories. You can use quotes and song titles from the Snow White to Tangled. Broad themes are great with any color scheme due to the fact that you are using multiple movies. It is much easier to come up with table names when doing a broad theme. You can be a tad more creative and have each center piece reflect a certain movie.  Don’t forget to name your tables! It is easier to come up with table names and sayings when you have multiple movies and characters to choose from.  For the invitations, a beautiful fairytale theme would be beautiful. However, a simple mickey silhouette can work well too. It all depends on your taste and budget. One of the easiest themes is traditional Minnie & Mickey. You can use black, red & white for the colors. Mickey heads are easy to make yourself and decorate with. Center pieces can be short or tall with your choice of white and red flowers. Think about putting some beautiful red gems in the bottom of the dish holding the flowers. If you like more elegant have some crystals hanging out the outside of the vase. If you are like me and can’t decide to half and half!

Specific Theme
A specific theme incorporates one character or movie. For instance, if Ariel is your favorite princess, you might want to do a specific theme such as “Under the Sea” and use only Little Mermaid decorations and quotes. Your color schemes are more limited to pinks, peaches, blues, & greens. If you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland you can have a Mad Hatter wedding theme. You can add drink me signs to the stem of your wine glasses. Have fun with it! One great thing about a specific theme is you can do all the center pieces the same as you are reflecting the same movie. Tables can be named using quotes, song titles, or even character names.
Do it yourself vs. Professionally made
Once you have your theme picked out, you can start brainstorming ideas for wedding invitations, center pieces, and more! There are many ways to cut costs when planning your Disney wedding. The first thing is DO IT YOURSELF. Personally, I handmade my wedding invitations. Try hosting a party with your bridesmaids. Bring some wine and appetizers and churn those out. I saved over $300 making my own wedding invitations. I purchased card stock in my wedding colors, bows, hot glue gun and a mickey head paper punch from my local craft store. I used my own printer but you can also get them printed out for pretty cheap from a Staples or Office Depot. It took around 3 hours for 5 girls to put together 120 invitations. It was a lot of fun and we made great memories. However, if you do not have the time or patience there are many affordable places to choose from. After putting in many hours of research, is one of the best places to find handmade items. You can customize your order and specify delivery dates. You can even haggle and negotiate prices! I decided to have my table cards done professionally. I only had 12 tables at the wedding and I wanted to make sure they looked great, and since I saved doing my own invitations, I was able to spend a little bit more and get matching “reserved” signs for the bridal party tables.
So, take some time and think about what made you fall in love with Disney. Was it a specific movie or character or the feeling it gave you walking into the park? This will help you make your decision. Still struggling with a decision? Sound off in the comments. Let us know some of your ideas and we can give you our valuable Disney Diva & Devo opinion.