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by Devo CabDisney

We live in a scary and sometimes threatening world. It seems as if every time you turn on the news, you hear about another terrorist threat or attack. Thankfully, Disney is really good at taking you into “The World of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy” while securely keeping the ugliness of reality outside the gates. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to take extra security precautions to keep the ugliness out! That means you’re safe while you’re in the parks, but it could take you longer to get in! That’s what this article is all about! Getting you into the parks as quickly as possible, but not compromising your safety while you do it! Disney already has plans in place to get you through security as quickly as possible, but when you have thousands upon thousands of people trying to get through the gates, some of that responsibility is yours! I don’t know about you but I’m perfectly okay with waiting a little longer and taking an extra step or two to help Disney keep me safe!

First of all, if you have bags, they will be checked! That will be the first thing you come to. If there are people in your party that aren’t carrying bags, they don’t (and probably shouldn’t) go through bag check. They can go through and patiently wait on the side. This will help the bag check area from becoming a big old clogged mess! While you’re waiting, get your bags ready to be checked. DO NOT wait until you are at the table to get ready! That will slow everything down considerably.  If you have a stroller, a cooler, or a bag of any type, open every compartment! That means everything! If it’s a pocket; open it! If it’s a sunglasses case; open it! If it’s a pocket within a pocket; open it! You have to assume that they will look through every nook and cranny of your bags, so make it as accessible as possible! I would also suggest that if you need to place anything in small bags such as snacks, please use something clear like a clear zip storage bag so that they can easily see what’s inside! This all seems like a lot, but it will keep you moving through so much faster if everyone can think ahead!image

So now you’re through bag check! Magic Kingdom here we come! Until a security guard pulls you aside. Lucky you! You’ve been chosen to walk through one of the new metal detectors! This is another new security measure that Disney added several months ago to help keep trouble out! This one should be a no-brainer. Just empty your pockets completely, and walk through and grab your stuff on the other end. Making sure your pockets are empty will ensure that you get through quickly without having to walk through again because you forgot your keys in your left pocket.

Another thing I’d like to add is make sure you thank your security officers after they have checked you out! They are doing you, and everyone there, a huge favor! Oh, and don’t forget that Disney doesn’t believe in “lines”. That means that instead of waiting in a straight and orderly line, Disney prefers that you group together and fill in all the available space. If you see a spot or space empty up, go for it!

So now you’re through security and now it’s time to go through the touchpoints! You would think that this wouldn’t slow you down too much, but you’d be surprised. When seconds count, you can easily mess it up and slow everyone else down! If you’ve been to Walt Disney World since the introduction of the Magic Bands, you know to touch “Mickey to Mickey”. That means that you’ll want to touch the Mickey Mouse symbol on your Magic Band directly over top of the Mickey Mouse symbol on the touchpoint. Then you’ll be asked to scan your finger print. That’s just an added measure to make sure you are who you say you are. But did you know that you can scan your Magic Band AND your finger print all at the same time? In fact it’s preferred that you do that because it will help keep the line moving quickly!image

You may be wondering how any of these tips will help you get through the gates quickly. After all, it’s mostly about being considerate of the people behind you. So here’s the thing, life kinda works like that! If everyone is considerate of others, we all win! I’m going to think ahead and be prepared to go as quickly and efficiently as I can so that the person behind me can get through as quickly and efficiently as they can. And if we all have that attitude, we all make it into the parks safely and quickly so we can enjoy all the magic that Disney has in store!

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