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by Eugene’s Diva

Princesses always seem hard to find or too busy, but as an avid Princess Meet and Greet lover, I have learned that there are good times and bad times to go.

There are a couple possibilities that you can do to try and meet several princesses at one time and that is character dining. You can either go to Cinderella’s Royal Table or Akershus, where you will find four princesses to meet during your meal. While this is a good option, it can be pricey and hard to get reservations for. This article is for the best time and place to meet all the princesses in the parks!


Animal Kingdom and I recommend going and seeing Pocahontas at around 4-5 pm because she RARELY has a line at that time. I’ve worked with her a bunch of times, and we usually just stand around talking most of the time. Also, to find her she will be at the Discovery Island Trail. This is the trail right behind the Tree of Life, and can be hard to find. If you are going towards Africa, right before the bridge, look to your right and there will be a little opening. She meets right next to the Tortoise! You can also head towards Asia, and there is a path there too. (It is also the exit of It’s Tough To Be A Bug.)


She is tricky! If you want her autograph, you’ll want to meet her in Epcot near France. She is in her town dress in Epcot.
Or you can meet her at Enchanted Tales with Belle in Magic Kingdom… If you’re going to do Enchanted Tales, I recommend waiting until near the end of the day. Usually it’s only like a 10-15 minute wait at that time. Also, if you are meeting her there, you have to have a role in the “play” or you will not be able to meet her. Also, at that spot, you will not get an autograph.


Merida is pretty easy… I recommend if you are going to watch Festival of Fantasy (the 3 pm parade at MK), just head over once that is done. She will be coming back out at (I believe) 4pm or right around there, so you will be closer to the front of the line if you head over after the parade. I find during that time it’s only about a 20-minute wait.


You can meet Jasmine in either Magic Kingdom or Epcot. I prefer Epcot because she is in Morocco, and the area she is in is just very fun and a section of it is inside! Really anytime is good for her in Epcot because not many people know about her in there. Just to warn you… Sometimes Jasmine has to check on Rajah and only Aladdin is meeting guests, so make sure to check with the Character Attendant (CA) there who will be meeting and when.


Tiana is one of the harder ones to find. I  recommend just waiting for her. I haven’t figured out a good schedule for her! She is also right behind the Christmas Shop in MK.


She will always meet in China in Epcot. That is the only place she is advertised to meet. A tip to see her is to go in the morning. Like once the world showcase opens, just go to her ,because she is usually only out until about 3 pm. 2nd tip, keep an eye on the weather! If it starts to get stormy or raining, she may move inside. Sometime’s the CA doesn’t honor the line if she moves inside. So if you see the clouds rolling in, ask the attendant on what she will be doing.


Aurora meets next to City Hall in MK and midday is usually pretty good to see her. Just keep an eye on the Times Guide to see if she will be coming after the 3 pm parade. You can also meet her in Epcot, in France. Going midday is again a good option because it seems like not many kids go to Epcot. There have been times where I’ve waited  5-10 minutes for her in France.


Snow White is next to Towne Square Theatre at MK and make SURE you go before 3pm, because she doesn’t come out after that. She’s also in Germany, but her line always seems so much longer at Epcot, because she is next to the Wishing Well (right outside the pavilion) and it is a very public place. Not many people know she is in MK or where, so her line is a lot shorter. (Insider tip… I have seen a trend that if you go at the top of the hour, you may experience a silly dwarf like friend with her… No promises… But sometimes.)


You can meet Ariel at her Grotto in “new” Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom, and you can either go at night, or just get a fast pass. I usually don’t recommend using your FP on meet and greets, but this one can be worth it because it seems like it’s only about a 5-minute wait.

 and Cinderella

These 2 are in the same room at Princess Fairytale Hall and if you go during fireworks it’s usually only about a 10-15 minute wait! This is the only place they meet, so I don’t recommend waiting the 70-minute waits midday because the line does go down A LOT at night. If you want to watch Fireworks, that’s okay! Just go anytime at night.

Finally, Anna and Elsa.

It seems like they are the most impossible to meet… What I recommend is if you can get a FP, TAKE IT. Go with it! Or if you go about an hour before the park closes (or the M&G closes… Again check times guide). At that time, I usually find myself waiting an hour, max. Still yes, very long… But not as long as 3 and a half hours!

So for good character hunting… Go at night. (Big shock… Kids are usually asleep by then, so shorter lines). Just make sure for Epcot… You check the time schedule! They are only out for so long and I usually missed a lot of the times. Good luck!