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By: Kid @ Heart Disney Devo 

OK Kids… grab your parent(s), tell them to put on their walking shoes, and head over to Tomorrowland Speedway which is fun for all ages. This ride gives young patrons a chance to experience driving.

These exciting race cars are gas powered (and you can smell the gas) deluxe go carts that will fit two people or two children and an adult comfortably.  Under the car is a guide rail system that helps children steer the car around the raceway. The can move from side to side about 6 inches, but that is it.  This way youngsters can drive without worries of a crash.

I cannot tell you how fast the cars go when you push the peddle to the floor exactly, but I was told its around 7 mph.  There are four lanes over 0.4 mile long track to “race along”. You could challenge the car next to you in a race, since there are two guide rails along the track.

If you board with two younger kids or yourself with a youngster, you can ask for to go around again with just switching spots so the other person can drive, they will mark your car with a white towel.

My son going for the pass
on me, pictured below.


 Here he comes!!!

Oh no he doesn’t, Dad back in a slight lead, but I would lose this battle to both of my kids as I came in 3rd to them.

The cars are built for safety with lap belt and high back headrest and as soon as you take your foot off the gas pedal, your car stops.  There is alot of bumper slamming at the end when waiting to unload from your car since the pedal / gas combo is touchy. If your kid isn’t much of a driver this can result with you slamming side to side often which could be bad if you have motion sickness or any neck & back problems.

Daughter moving up to take 2nd as we go through the tunnel.

A view from the exit walkway as I waited for the kids on another race.  As you can see from the picture on the right the lanes of where the cars are on each side.
For the spectators that wish not to drive or ride along, can access the grandstand and watch, by entering the exit gate.
  • Fun Factor I give it a 8/9 and ride at least 2-3 times a day. (it usually has a long line though)
  • Height restrictions is: minimum height is 32″ and ride with and adult or drive with an adult. 54″ or taller may drive alone.
  • Good for preschoolers, kids, teens, adults
  • It is Racing Time!!!