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by Pin Trading Diva

Over the busy 3 day weekend at the D23 Expo I  bumped into plenty of characters. Some were the tiniest little princesses and from there ranged to grandmas and grandpas showing their Mouskateer Spirit! Here are 23 of my favorite costumes from the D23 Expo – although all were worth sharing! Tell us which is your favorite or if there were some we missed!


  1. Miscellaneous Princesses: These lovely ladies were grouped together and I had to take the shot! Mulan had a matching umbrella and look how wonderful Cinderella’s blue dress came out – she even had little butterflies floating along the top. Princes were swooning at the sight of them all!


  1. Pizza Truck Guy: This costumer made sure to capture every detail of the Pizza Planet Truck – all the way down to the “How’s My Driving” bumper sticker! He made sure I captured every angle of his hard work.

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  1. Inside Out Family: This family knows how to express their emotions! My favorite is Anger with the red stripes on his tie – and they even made sure to include Bing Bong!


  1. Jungle Cruise Skippers: Skippers 1 and 2 were floating around the Expo Floor commenting on the goings on to people passing by. No Hippos were harmed in the making of this costume.


  1. Mini Bert and Mary Poppins: These 2 cuties were show stoppers at the D23 Expo. They even got their picture with Dick Van Dyke himself! They must have been having a Jolly Holiday!


  1. Ursula: This woman crept her way across the show floor using those fabulous tentacles. But the real glory in her costume is that wave of a headpiece! When you’re around her – you might get a sinking feeling….

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  1. Inside Out Head Band: Speaking of headpieces, check this one out! So creative!


  1. Mulan / Star Wars Crossover: Looks like Mushu and Yoda have quite a bit to talk about with this woman’s creative crossover costume! Armor and lightsabers unite in this one of a kind outfit fit for a General / Jedi Master!


  1. Sully: This guy isn’t scaring the crowd these days – he’s hyping them up with this modern day twist on a Monsters Inc classic (complete with tail). He even colored his real facial hair to complete the look! Well done!


  1. Miscellanious: This fashionable group of friends turned heads this weekend with their collective but very unique set of looks. My favorite is Lampwick (the little kid from Pinocchio half turned into a donkey) – so clever he’s even got the cigar!


  1. Walle and Darth Maul: These 2 may be at opposite ends of the spectrum character wise – but the creativity in both their outfits is astounding!


  1. Tsum Tsum Girl: While there was the crazy Tsum Tsum dress that debuted from Disney Style this weekend, this woman’s Tsum Tsum inspired skirt definitely made my top 23! She managed to grab all my favorite characters in Tsum Tsum form for one magnificent skirt!


  1. Buzz Lightyear and Jessie: Round up your cattle and take them to infinity and beyond with these 2 character costumes! All handmade, these costumes show off tons of great detail.


  1. Woody and Vanellope: Speaking of Toy Story, check out this Woody costume. His head is so realistic it’s like I could walk into him at Disneyland! And don’t forget miss Vanellope. That car looks good enough to eat!


  1. Frozen Miscellaneous: There is so much Frozen Fever in this picture it’s chilling! However, my favorite costume is from the little Elsa who joined in last minute for the picture. Isn’t she lovely?


  1. Miss Captain America: This Avengers fan shows off her Americana Spirit in this Captain America inspired ensemble. I especially love the hand bag – it’s like a real life shield!


  1. Kronk: Pull the lever Kronk! This costume took me back to one of my favorite movies – Emperor’s New Groove. He even got the chiseled chin and muscular body for such a costume! Well done Kronk – well done!


  1. Inside Out Cast: I am filled with JOY as I look at these costumes! Sadness even has real tears and Riley’s perfect boyfriend has enough attitude in him for everyone. Would you DIE for Riley?


  1. Sergeant Calhoun: Wreck it Ralph fans will love this detailed Sergeant Calhoun costume – right down to the alien egg! By the way, this entire costume was all handmade – stunning!


  1. Honey Lemon and Hiro: These 2 look ready for battle in their combat uniforms from Big Hero Six. Honey Lemon’s gear even worked!


  1. Sitting Ariel: Let’s see if you can figure out the technique of this amazing costume. All I have to say is she looks beautiful as Princess Ariel!


  1. Matterhorn Yodelers: These Swedish costumers looked great as a duo – and even had a mini Abominable Snowman to hang out with them!


  1. Giselle: This fair maiden I met in the bathroom and she had no problem singing and chatting about love while we were there. Such a complete character experience!


So these are just a few of the many stunning costumes seen at the D23 Expo 2015. I think I’m going to have to dress up next year! Leave a comment on what I should wear at the next Expo! Maybe we will spot each other!