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Greetings Disney fans! For the next 5 days we will be taking a look at the best places to stay while on your vacation at Walt Disney World. Enjoy this mini-series!
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Author: Canadian Diva


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So you want to stay at Walt Disney World but you are on a limited budget?

Let me tell you, YOU CAN!

The Canadian Diva Family LOVES Walt Disney World but we’re not super rich and we like to save money. Since we hail from the “Great White North”, our trips to Walt Disney World are generally more expensive than our American neighbors, so how do we do it?


Now, here at the Disney Diva and Devos, we are not telling you to go on a vacation and max out your credit cards, but a Disney Vacation can be affordable thanks to the incredible VALUE resorts on DISNEY PROPERTY.

Disney offers 5 VALUE resorts for you to choose from. I’m sure one of them will tickle your budget-conscious fancy…….

First, the “trinity” of the All Star Resorts which includes:
All Star Movies
All Star Sports
All Star Music



Photo Courtesy of Nick the Devo

And two more incredible Value resorts,
POP Century
– and the recent Art of Animation

Note: click on the resorts above to read  reviews of each individual resort!!

Photo Courtesy of Nick the Devo

So ladies and gents, here are 5 reasons why YOU should stay at a Walt Disney World VALUE resort:

This is self explanatory. The Disney Value Resorts is the cheapest way to stay ON DISNEY PROPERTY. With rates advertised on the Walt Disney Site as low as $96 per night, you can even get a lower rate like our family did through other sites and during low season. Ask our Travel Agent, Patricia with All for Dreams Travel, for the BEST DEALS!


“FREE?” You asked………… YES you heard this right, FREE!

When you stay on any Walt Disney World Resort, you are provided with FREE transportation from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) to your RESORT on the Magical Express with complementary luggage drop off to your room. Read this article by Nick the Devo for more information!

You will also get FREE transportation shuttle to all Walt Disney World theme parks and Water Parks.

If you have a Dining Reservation at another resort, you will need to transfer, a Cast Member can help direct you or better yet, CALL PATRICIA for she can make all these arrangements for you in advance.

Have a CAR? The Canadian Diva family likes to rent a car and also for those who are coming from the Sanford International Airport (SFB) where the Disney Magical Express does not run from, you need to rent a car. Disney provides FREE Parking at all Resorts and at all theme parks. Simply show your “Key to the World” (resort card) and off you go!

Read this fabulous article from British Diva on arriving from the Sanford International Airport (SFB).


Free Wifi in every room!

Disney Dining Plan When you stay on Disney Property, you have many other perks. One of our favourite perk is the Disney Dining Plan, especially when there is a FREE Dining Plan Special (note: if you are doing the Free Dining Plan, Value resorts usually offer only the Quick Service Dining Plan, however you can upgrade for the “Disney Dining Plan” which includes sit down meals, buffets and character meals. It’s worth it!)

Enjoy dining at the incredible Disney Dining Options which are pre-paid and hassle free (when planned well!). Read here on understanding the Disney Dining Plan. Don’t forget, even though the Dining Plan is pre-paid, you still need to budget for “tips”, read my article here on tipping on the Disney Dining Plan.

If you are on the Dining Plan or paying for meals out of pocket, there are FOOD COURTs at every Value Resort. With fun names that relate to the theme of your Value resort, you will be sure to find a tasty and fulfilling quick meal with lots of great desserts and snacks so that you can never be hungry.

Extra Magic Hours (EMH) are hours ONLY for on property guests which includes YOU, if you stay at a Value Resort or any other resort on Disney property. Disney offers EMH a couple hours before or after Theme Park hours on various days throughout the week. If you plan well you could get on and off attractions during EMH with very minimal wait time. (Diva Tip: if you are going during a Peak Season, the morning EMH are best for you to get the most of your vacation.)

Key to the World – that’s Disney World!! It is a fantastic system created for Walt Disney World Resort Guests. It’s a card for EACH member of your group/family. It has your name on it and a number. It contains most of the information you need when you stay at Walt Disney World, including your THEME PARK tickets, it’s your resort key, it has your Dining Reservations attached to it etc.. If on the Dining Plan, Cast Members just swipe your card for Quick Service meals and any Snacks you want anywhere in Disney World (a receipt will be given to you to help you keep track of your meals). You can pay your tip with it as well, just don’t forget you need to cover the costs for it all at the end of your trip.

You are also able to purchase gifts and souvenirs all around Disney World with your “Key to the World”, including Downtown Disney and have it sent to your Resort Room for FREE (so you don’t have to carry your purchases around with you.)

As mentioned above, if you are driving, it is your “key” to show to the Cast Members before entering each Theme Park, so that you can have FREE parking. It is what you show when there is EMH so that Cast Members know you are staying on property (trust me, I have seen people who are not staying on property trying to weasel their way on a ride during EMH and the Cast Members are adamant about EVERYONE showing their “Key to the World” before entering any attraction/ride.)

Disney is introducing the “Magic Bands”, stay tuned for more articles about this new system!

Many others – I could go on and on about on property perks, like a Free Miniature Golf package for your party and other discounts when purchasing a Walt Disney World Vacation package, so it’s best if you contact All for Dreams Travel to help you know all you can get at Walt Disney World.


If you have a LARGE family or group, there are also FAMILY SUITES available which will fit up to 6 people. All Star Music and the new Art of Animation are the Value resorts that offer these budget friendly suites. Each suites has a Kitchenette with a microwave and a refrigerator. There are 2 bathrooms, a room with a Queen-sized bed and televisions. (You may pay more for a King Size bed). In the All Star Music’s family suite, there is a sleeper sofa in the living room and a convertible twin chair that turns into a single sleeper as well as an ottoman which converts too. The Art of Animation Suites also has a Queen-sized bed in the bedroom. The Living room has a double-size Inova Table bed as well as a double-sized sleeper sofa.

You may also request a crib for all rooms!


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Photo Courtesy of Nick the Devo

There is a certain magic about staying on Disney Property, that does not compare to staying off property. Sure there are benefits to staying off property but nobody does service, fun and pixie dust like Disney.

The Value Resorts have that over the top feel of Disney, some may say it’s just too much, others like myself and many of the Divas and Devos, just love being around our favourite characters, remembering scenes from our favourite movies and being so enveloped within the fantasy land that Disney has created, knowing that when we wake up, it’s just outside our Door.

Photo Courtesy of Nick the Devo

The pools are large, super themed and fun for the whole family and the grounds are extremely well kept.


Photo courtesy of Local Diva