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By Pixie Hollow Diva

Disney World is for everyone  Young, older, middle aged, there is no age on FUN!  However, for safety there are obviously height requirements for many attractions.  My family consists of my husband, myself, my 2-year-old daughter and my 6-year-old daughter.  We travel to Disney World every year, sometimes twice.  We have our children as young as 9 months old.  What I tend to do is go on attractions that a baby and older child can ride with no requirements.  Disney offers parent swap for rides that my oldest can probably ride but we do not do that.  I like my entire family to be together and be on the same things.   We are totally into Disney so I love to see my kids on as much as possible along with my husband and I.  I wanted to share my few Disney World attractions that the entire family can enjoy together with no height restrictions!

  1. It’s a Small World-Magic Kingdom

It’s a Small World  is a favorite of ours!  It is also one of those attractions that I feel is iconic to Disney World.  No matter what your age, it should be done!  It is perfect for all children.   This attraction is located in Fantasyland inside Magic Kingdom.   You sit in a slow moving boat and see dolls dressed up in attire from all different countries.  I personally think it is cute, but many people find the song playing the entire time slightly annoying.  You WILL be signing this song in your head the rest of the day!   It seems this attraction always keeps my girls attention, no matter how old they were when we went on the ride.

Rides for the whole family in Disney World

  1. Dumbo-Magic Kingdom

Dumbo is Dumbo, he is a Disney staple!  He is the most adorable little elephant you have ever seen in a Disney role.  This ride is perfect!  A flying elephant, how can you not want to go on this?  My girls LOVE Dumbo and the ride!  Located in Fantasyland inside Magic Kingdom, there are TWO Dumbo rides, exactly the same.  You can pick your favorite elephant color and hop in!  The ride moves somewhat slowly and it feels like you are flying.  You have a small lever in front of you that allows you to fly slightly higher if you choose.

Rides for the whole family in Disney World


  1. Kilimanjaro Safari-Animal Kingdom Park

The Safari is located inside Animal Kingdom Park located in Africa.  This is a perfect attraction for the entire family.  You hop in an all terrain truck and it is like you are riding inside a real African Safari.  You have some bumps along the way, but other wise there is no issue for someone of any age.  This attraction allows you to usually see Lions, Zebra, Rhinos and more amazing animals!

Rides for the whole family in Disney WorldDiva Tip:  I would use a Fastpass+ for this attraction to avoid waiting with young children.

  1. Frozen Ever After-Epcot’s Norway

This ride is located inside Epcot in the country of Norway.  Who doesn’t life Frozen?  How cool would it be to feel like you are right near Elsa’s ice castle?  How about feeling the cold and the push of Elsa herself?  Well, this ride gives you all of that fun!  This attraction has no height restrictions so any height and age can ride.  You enter the attraction and are seated inside a log boat.  You move slowly around seeing images of Anna and Elsa and all of their friends!  Olaf makes a singing appearance which is always fun.  At the end of this ride, Elsa uses her magic and pushes your log away, so you do move FAST going backwards at the end.  This lasts a few seconds, so keep that in mind for some children.  My daughter at 9 months was laughing, yet my 4-year-old got slightly startled.

Rides for the whole family in Disney World

  1. The Seas with Nemo and Friends-Epcot

This ride is located inside Epcot located inside the Future World area.  This ride, you sit in a slow-moving seashell.  You slowly move through which replicates a large aquarium.  They have interactive nemo screens with your favorite Nemo characters.  You can sit there and try to find nemo on the different screens and you move along!  At the end of the ride there is a real-life aquarium with fish swimming around.  This ride is cute for all children!

  1. Disney Jr. Live-Hollywood Studios

Disney Jr. Live is in the Animation Courtyard inside Hollywood Studios.  This live interaction show is adorable!  You sit in a large auditorium settling, on the floor and watch the character stories on stage.  They include short shows of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Doc McStuffins.  They have someone singing along with you and bringing your favorite character stories to life!

Rides for the whole family in Disney World

You can always read about rides and height requirements in Pink Diva’s article where she has covered all of this for you!

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