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by Wishes Diva

Topolino's Terrace ReviewOn our most recent trip to Walt Disney World, my family visited Topolino’s Terrace for the first time. Our overall experience was fantastic!! We visited during the character breakfast so we had the chance to interact with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy during our meal. This restaurant is located on the 10th floor of the Riviera Resort. We had an 8:10am reservation and arrived around 7:45am. We visited when COVID precautions were still in full swing, so the cast member that greeted us also took our temperatures. We were surprised that we didn’t have to wait at all despite being early and we were immediately taken to our table. Once seated, the server directed us to scan the QR code to pull up the menu on our phones.

Character Meals at WDW

Many restaurants are using QR code’s for their menu in place of paper.

Before we even finished looking through the menu, the character interactions began. The overall theme and decor at this restaurant is the arts, so Mickey and friends are each dressed as a different subject matters: paint, dance, sculpture and poetry. The first character that we saw was Mickey, which was so exciting for my kids (2 and 4 when we went) because that was who they had been asking to see the whole trip thus far. After we saw Mickey, our focus went back to the food!

Now this character breakfast is not a buffet like many other are. Their menu is more limited but I feel that it still has something for everyone. I can be picky at times, and also have a picky toddler as well. We were both able to find something that we wanted! Our server was extremely attentive and made several great suggestions for us, including telling us about different juices that they have that weren’t listed on the menu. He brought us a small baskets of bread and pastries and small muffins when he took our drink order, which was helpful for our little ones! The basket came with sides of butter, jelly and Nutella as well.

When it came to ordering, both of my kiddos chose the Mickey Waffle Dippers as their meal. They also got a side of sausage/bacon and fruit. This options on the kids menu is so creative and fun! It comes with two small waffles (one shaped like Minnie, and one shaped like Mickey) on a skewer stick. The plate itself is shaped like a painters palate, with each of the “paint” spaces filled with a different dipping sauce for the waffles: syrup, chocolate and a fruit syrup (I think it was raspberry but I can’t remember). This was a huge hit with the kids! It was quite messy for my 2 year old, but the 4 year old had a better experience with the dipping. Mickey waffle dippers at Topolino's Terrace

For my breakfast, I ordered the sour cream waffle with sausage. It came topped with a generous scoop of whipped cream (Chantilly) along with raspberries and apple slices. It was sweet, but not overly sweet. Sour Cream Waffle at Topolino's TerraceThe fruit added a very nice spread of flavors and the sour cream in the waffles was subtle but just enough to curb the sweet. The sausage was a unique flavor- different than what I am typically used to with sausage, but overall good!

My husband ordered the Wood-fired Butcher’s Steak. The really wonderful thing about our server is that he mentioned to us that we were able to add as many sides as we wanted without an up-charge, so my husband added scrambled eggs to his steak as well! His steak was one of the best steaks we had ever had! It wasn’t over seasoned and definitely complimented the eggs as a complete breakfast dish. Steak & eggs at Topolino's Terrace

Our experience with the character was obviously limited due to COVID precautions, but overall we had a really great experience. Each character paused for a brief moment so I could snap a photo before they continued their rounds in the restaurant. My kids were very satisfied despite not being able to hug on their favorite characters. The characters appear one at a time back to back, and also all together during a song and dance portion of their “show” as well.

After breakfast we also visited the outdoor patio area that is right outside the far end of the restaurant. From there the view was beautiful! We could see the Skyliner and the Caribbean Beach resort as well as have a great view of the lake that divides the sides of the resort.

View from Topolino's Terrace

View from the outdoor patio

The experience and food at Topolino’s Terrace gets a 10 out of 10 from our family! We will definitely be visiting again on our next trip to Walt Disney World. If you need help planning your next Disney trip, make sure to contact Patricia from All for Dreams travel!