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By D’land Diva

As guests enter Cars Land, on the left hand side is a wonderfully Tow Mater ride. Much like the tea cup ride at Disneyland, this is a spinning ride with tractor trucks. What makes this ride a bit unique and fun is the trucks themselves. There is a front part of the truck and then attached to the tractor is a trailer. Guests sit in the trailer and then spin in time to lively Tow Mater tunes. Think square dance with tractors!

Diva Tip: Each tractor is unique, so look for subtle and not so subtle differences!

The lines for this ride are usually the shortest of all the rides in Cars Land. This means more like a ten minute wait than a half hour wait, though it may certainly get that crowded at times. The spinning on the ride is somewhat mild, but it does tend to be a bit jerky, as guests are in a trailer that is moving. D’land Diva son, who is five years old, likes to brace himself a bit on this ride. Each seat accommodates three small groups of guests ( two children and one adult OR one child and two adults). There is a height requirement of 32 inches.

Guests needing assistance may transfer to the ride. Guests will be offered assistance in this transfer.

I would give this ride a scream factor of 2. It does move a little fast, and with the jerky and spinning factor, guests who are sensitive to motion may want to watch from the sidelines. Speaking of which, this ride has a nice waiting area to the side of the ride for viewing.

Diva Tip: Listen closely to the music playing. Every once in awhile a song will come on the soundtrack that was totally ad libbed by the actor who voices Mater in the movies.