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6987939977_75fcbc5d8b_cBy: Kid  @ Heart Disney Devo

If you like to spin, like bright colors,  and want to have some rootin, tootin, shootin 4D action fun while scoring points, you need to go and ride Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios in the Pixar Studios section.  Being a fan of the Toy Story franchise, Pixar, and Disney, this attraction is for me and anyone that share the same likes.  It makes you forget how old you are and brings the child in us out.




Tip: You want to get the fast pass option or use the wrist bands to get a select time because the waits times are usually 120 min. But when Hollywood Studios have extra magic hours,  there is not as long of a wait.

Tucked away upper right hand of the park, behind the Great Movie Ride attraction, sits the short brick avenue of Pixar Studios. On the right is the ride on the left side across the entrance is the character meet n greet, this is where you can find Woody and Buzz together for autographs and pictures.  Roaming the brick road at certain times of the day, you can even spot the Toy Story Army men.  Get that picture with them and sometimes they will sign your autograph book.

When you walk into the line and go into the building, everything is animated and designed to Andy’s bedroom and toys. There are giant blocks, Tinker Toys, cards, Candy Land on the wall, a giant Mr. Potato Head,  a checker board ceiling, Scrabble, and a talking Buzz Light Year.  There is also a standee place for your child(ren) to pop their head through and take a nice picture. For example: a Stinky Pete box, that when standing in looks like you are in the box with him.  As you get closer you will start to go down where you board, you will be given a pair of 3D glasses to wear for the game/ride to borrow until after the ride.  Each car can hold 4 riders, two in front and two in the back.  The seating is back to back forward seating, does not matter where  you sit because either side you will always have targets to shoot at.

My kids waiting in line in Andy’s room


Disney’s Hollywood Studios was once called Disney’s MGM Studios

This ride/game is so much fun, but you have to have your arm and hand in shape to keep shooting the light/image balls toward the targets.  Keep that hand moving quickly on the trigger lever so you can score as many points as possible against your ride partner.  The ride duration is about 5-6 minutes, even though it is a long wait for a short ride, it is well worth it!

 Fun for all ages and the thrill level is only about 4, but fun factor is a 9.  When planning your visit to Hollywood Studios, it is a must to include Toy Story Mania.

Watch for the claw!!! Oh no!





Your getting shipped with Stinky Pete, Oh No!

Have fun time on Toy Story.