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By Pin Trading Diva

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Arr Matey! Ye be ready to set sail for an adventure upon the high seas? Thar be pirates ahead, the sellin’ of red heads, and golden treasure for your eyes to behold!

disneyland, pirates of the caribbean, celebrating at disneyland, pirates 5oth anniversary, piratesYes you read right! For the 50th Anniversary of Pirates of the Caribbean, Disneyland hosted a bountiful weekend of pirate delight. There were lots of new tasty food items to try, including the ever so popular “Golden” Churro. It’s shimmery golden dust and slight lemony flavor proved to be quite delicious. There was a 10-minute wait just to grab these puppies, but what a treasure to eat! Another popular menu item was the Jolly Roger Punch, a blend of tropical fruit juices like pineapple, mango, and orange. I would go back for seconds for this drink! The main course that grabbed everybody’s attention was the Calypso Caribbean Chicken Stew filled with chicken, celery, onions, carrots, and yucca. Altogether I felt I was dining like a pirate should!


Besides food, there was plenty of entertainment to go around during the celebration. The Bootstrappers came out to play for guests as well as the Lucky Pirate. My favorite however was the guitar playing pirate that followed the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow around the area. He would make up tales of Sparrow’s glory and triumph all the while singing his name for all to hear. Very comical, but fun to experience! Of course, you could snap your picture with Sparrow as he traveled by, but he never officially stopped. You had to literally follow him until he acknowledged you. Either way, you get to hang out with the Captain! There was also Cast Members walking around with themed signs for the weekend that you could get your picture with.

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Most importantly there was special themed merchandise to mark the occasion that sold out fast! There were pirate steins with a skeleton commanding the helm that sold out in hours on the first day, not to be available until May as rumor suggests. There were also t-shirts depicting scenes from the ride with “I was there!” printed on them for guests who were in the parks. If you want to buy the t-shirt after the weekend celebration is over they will be available here without the “I was there!” logo on them from March 20-26. My favorite of the limited-edition merchandise were the trading pins for purchase! A set of 6 hinged pins with treasure on the front and a scene from the ride inside were available. My personal favorite however, was the Annual Passholder pin, depicting a scene of Walt with one of his animatronic pirates on the inside hinge. This was the last ride Walt worked on personally before he passed.  As a Walt collector, I was very ecstatic to add this to my collection.

Well there you have it scallywags! Disneyland put up quite the Pirate Party over the weekend to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in New Orleans Square. I came home with mounds of treasure and  experienced what it was like to really be a pirate!

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