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Author: Disney diva

I recently helped my brother and sister in law plan a last minute trip to Walt Disney World. They have three girls…a 6 year old a 3 year old and an infant. Many people would think “why would people bring a baby to Disney!”

Well, if you’ve not looked at Princess Diva’s awesome article on taking babies to Disney, I would start there! Because what many people don’t realize is that having a baby with you is a ticket to shorter wait times in lines at Disney!!! Yes! You heard me right! And it’s all thanks to this little baby…the Riders Switch Pass.

So how does it work?
Step 1: Get a Fastpass ticket for yourself and the older children who plan to ride.

Step 2: When your Fastpass ticket comes up, then everyone in your party, including your partner and the child who is not riding, go to the Cast Member stationed at the Fastpass entrance. They HAVE to see the little one who can’t ride. So don’t send someone on a fast pass run without the baby.

Step 3: Let the Cast Member know that you want to do Rider Switch. 

Step 4: Those of you riding now will use fast-pass passes an go get in that line while the other adult waits with the little one for that group to come off the ride. The Cast Member will give your partner a Rider Swap ticket that looks like a fast pass. They can go do whatever they want while you’re riding, they don’t have to hang around with you. Especially if even the fast pass line time is long. 

Step 5:When your partner is ready to ride, you stay with the baby, then they will return to the Fastpass line with the Rider Switch ticket and up to 2 other people (only three can ride total) . Then you all go through the fast pass line. That means your older kids get to ride twice if they want to which is pretty awesome!

You do not HAVE to use the Rider Switch Pass immediately. You do have to redeem it that day, but if you need to take a bathroom break or eat a meal, they don’t enforce a return time.

 * This is even sweeter because it doesn’t effect your normal fast pass times!!! So your group could be riding the ride with riders swap while they’re waiting for the next fast pass time to come up!! Pretty sweet huh?!?

What rides can you get riders swap tickets for?
If there is a height requirement for a ride then you most likely can get a riders switch ticket.

It doesn’t have to just be babies either. IF you have ANY child with you who is not tall enough to ride the ride then you can get a riders swap ticket. Which is REALLY helpful if you’ve got a very little one that is afraid to ride things, and is making a face like THIS!

Riders SWITCH to the rescue!