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VeryGoodAdviceBlogHopPicHere at Tips from the Disney Divas and Devos, we love giving you what we consider, some “Very Good Advice”. But we also love all of our fans and other Disney bloggers out there, and we love sharing all of your Disney tips and ideas as well. So we’ve decided to create a blog hop, where you too can share some of your “Very Good Advice”. Whether it’s about travel tips, food recommendations, favorite attractions, fascinating Disney facts or trivia, if you have some very good advice on something Disney-related, we want to hear it!

So how do you link up? It’s simple! At the end of this article, you’ll see a little blue box with a happy little blue frog in it. Click on the blue frog and he’ll take you to the blog hop link up! From there, just copy and paste the link to your site’s article, video, podcast, etc. in the first space. On the next line, type in the name of your site, and on the last line, add your email (this won’t be displayed publicly).

So for this week’s good advice, we shared our video, “Disney Diva’s Favorite Resort at Walt Disney World” and we wrote about: Comparing Disney Resort Levels, Exploring Epcot’s World Showcase, My First Trip to Disney World with a Toddler, Downtown Disney Food Trucks, and Jedi Training at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. While there were many great articles to choose from, the one that I thought would be the best advice for planning your next Disney trip, was Comparing Disney Resort Levels by Disney Devo, Jayship Earth.

In his article, Jayship Earth reviews the different strategies in selecting a hotel (such as price, distance to the park, and  whether or not are you looking for just a place to sleep before being at the parks all day and night or do you plan on spending a good chunk of your vacation relaxing at the resort with all of its amenities restaurants and luxurious experiences?)  From there he compares his stays at the Art of Animation Resort (a value resort hotel) with the Port Orleans French Quarter (a moderate resort) and The Grand Floridian (a deluxe resort). And of course, he goes over the pros and cons of each and provides some very good advice to help you determine what may be the best choice for you on your next trip. It’s definitely worth a read…. and when you’re ready to book your trip, Tips from the Disney Divas & Devos recommends you booking with Patricia Payne from All For Dreams Travel. Her services are free, and she is sure to make your vacation a magical one! Click here for  a free quote.

What do you have to share this week? We’re looking forward to hearing from you and be sure to check out our other Disney articles for more tips and very good advice!