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Author: Nick the Disney Devo (tee)

Happy St. Patricks Day! Since you’ll all be drinking anyway, lets talk about one of the BEST places for adults to cut loose at Walt Disney World.

It’s been a long day at the parks!

You say you want to go somewhere to unwind, kick back, have a couple of drinks and sing songs from the 50s to present day along with a crowd of complete strangers? Then check out Jellyrolls, a dueling piano bar at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort in Walt Disney World.

Through the night, 2 talented pianists take requests from the audience, and amaze with their memories and skills.

Try to stump them, if one player doesn’t know it, the other probably will!

To request a song, write one down on a piece of paper, a napkin, etc., bring it up to the fellas, and set it on either piano.

As the evening goes on, and requests increase dramatically, a $5 or $10 dollar bill helps ensure your song gets played. A $20 helps even more. On the evening I went, the piano players did a medley of Muppet songs, “brought to you by the number 20”. These guys are not only musically gifted, but quick witted as well.

They play everything from “Great Balls of Fire” to recent songs that I didn’t recognize, (but the younger members of the audience sang along to), and everything in between!

If you request a birthday or anniversary wish, they will often bring the recipient on stage, to perhaps give a shot to, which happened to one of the members of our party.

They also may play an audience participation tune, such as “The Unicorn Song”. Don’t worry if you don’t know how do it, as I didn’t, they will walk you through it.

Also don’t be surprised to find yourself pulled into a conga line, as I was. Resistance is futile, not that I resisted!

I mentioned drinks earlier. There are 2 bars, one on each side of Jellyrolls. I will be honest and say beers aren’t cheap, and I was told by my companions that the mixed drinks weren’t very strong, but this is just a minor complaint in what is otherwise one of the most fun evenings I’ve ever had at Walt Disney World.

Admission is $12 including tax. Their hours are 7pm-2am(ish). My advice? BE THERE!

Nick is co-writer of the Disney Musings Blog with his wife, Barbie.