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by Neverland Diva

Walt Disney World Resort is consistently a top vacation destination for families from all over the world!  It was created specifically for families to immerse themselves in a world of make-believe, a true escape from day-to-day life.  In part, it’s become a right of passage, the first trip is really special and something that many spend years planning!  We lead busy lives and are often met with obligations and distractions that take us away from our families; Walt Disney World Resort brings us back together!  There are endless ways to combine dining, recreation, Theme Park visits, spa days, even shopping, which allows for a unique and well-rounded vacation experience!  There is truly something for everyone and it’s a great way for family members to take part in each other’s interests.  It’s the attention to detail, customer service and amazing Cast Members that make Disney Parks so unique.  So what keeps us coming back year after year??


We are all welcome here!

WDW is designed for families of all shapes and sizes, from grandparents to infants, there is something for everyone!  Despite a couple of spots that are restricted to an adult crowd, the World is wide open!  Restaurants are bursting at the seams with theming, delicious food and desserts to die for and you are not going to get a side glance if you bring your kids!  Resorts, Water Parks and Theme Parks cater to the family as a whole and it’s an amazing opportunity to reconnect!


It Can Be All-Inclusive!

When we book a vacation, we like to book everything all at once:  Resort, Park tickets, the Disney Dining Plan and airport transportation.  I don’t want to have to think too much when I’m on vacation, and this allows for a carefree experience!  The introduction of the Magic Band has truly revolutionized the meaning of all-inclusive!  No more room keys and park tickets, cards or cash, it’s all right there on your wrist!  It takes some planning and research but it’s well worth the effort!

It’s a Different Trip Every Time

Of course there are the rides you’ve seen before and the 4 main Theme Parks still remain, but there is constant innovation happening!  Many changes are coming to Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom overhauled Fantasyland and Disney’s Animal Kingdom will soon feature Avatar Land!  We have opted out of Water Parks previously, but when our boys are a bit bigger, we can’t wait to add that option to our ticket package! Our tips these days tend to be what works best for my little ones and it’s a wonderful way to slow down and take everything in.  A pool day is a must for us and I have to say, I’ve never enjoyed the Resort hotels more!  We actually have time to explore the grounds, have food delivered poolside and let the kids be kids!

Disney’s Magical Express

Your vacation truly begins the moment you step off the plane!  Thanks to the magic of Disney, your bags are transported from the airport to your hotel room and all you need to do is check in and board the bus!  No worries about picking up a car or lugging a bulky carseat through the airport, just hop aboard and let Disney handle the rest!

Vacations are meant to provide an escape from life, to make memories as a family and to leave your stress behind!  Walt Disney World Resort can and will provide you and your family every opportunity to relax, play and make your dreams come true!

What keeps you coming back to Walt Disney World??