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By British Diva

Wandering the wonderful World of Walt Disney can be utterly exhausting; therefore the gift of a sneaky 40 winks within the air conditioned haven of an attraction should never be underestimated! 

Now I’m not for a minute suggesting that the WDW attractions listed below are either boring or uninspiring…..  

However I am saying that if you’ve seen them multiple times before then there is the possibility that they may fail to engage or impress the next time around; so you wouldn’t be missing a trick if a little shut was grabbed during the entertainment! 

The Hall of Presidents @ EPCOT

The American Adventure @ EPCOT

The Carousel of Progress @ Magic Kingdom

Country Bear Jamboree @ Magic Kingdom

Captain EO @ EPCOT

The Circle of Life @ Animal Kingdom

Ellen’s Energy Adventure @ EPCOT

No-one will notice; that is if you don’t snore or drool to much! 

Never Undervalue the Power Nap Either! 

Take the weight off your World weary tootsies & catch a little power nap whist riding –

The Walt Disney World Railroad @ Magic Kingdom
The Transit Authority People Mover @ Magic Kingdom

Adventures by their very nature are really quite exhausting! 

“A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep” – Cinderella