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Author: Canadian Diva

I was inspired to share this story after reading Dink Diva’s fun article,  “6 Shocking Secrets You Need to Know About Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party”.

The Canadian Diva, also had a FANTASTIC time at the BEST Halloween Party in the WORLD!!  We did our researched, planned meticulously and did almost everything we wanted to do. The only thing we didn’t do was….. collect Halloween Candy. I initially didn’t want to because I thought, we were going to go out Trick o Treating when we get back home to Canada anyway, so why waste time collecting Candy at the various stations in Magic Kingdom when we can enjoy all the other fun activities and attractions.

Well, near the end of the night, with an empty bag, my daughter mentioned how we didn’t get any candy. She was a bit sad, so we quickly rushed to some stations which were closing up and gathered a small handful.

All of Magic Kingdom descended outside, gloomily knowing the FUN party was over. As Dink Diva mentions, yes, everyone were all like Zombies as the crowds exited slowly through the gates. While waiting for the tram to get back to our Car, masses of people were just staring off into space, eyes glassy, just wanting to get into bed.

My daughter was looking around, with her Halloween bag in her hand, when we noticed a family (I believe from the United Kingdom) beside us. The parents and 2 teenage daughters had massive bags of candy! My daughter looked longingly at their stash then looked down sadly at her tiny bag. One of the teenagers noticed and said to her parents, “Oh the little girl didn’t get to collect much!”

The parents and teenagers right away grabbed handfuls of candy and asked my daughter to open her bag up. My daughter shyly refused but I said it was okay if she wanted. She meekly opened her bag and they dropped loads of candy in. We said “Thank you!” to them.

Then the father, grabbed one of their full bags and said, “Here, why don’t you take this with you?”

My daughter looked up at them and shook her head shyly. My husband and I politely said,
“It’s okay, but thank you so much anyway!”

Our tram arrived and we sat in the row in front of the family. We smiled and made small conversation.

We were the first to get off, we said “Good-bye” to them and they waved bye back, wishing us the best.

As our family continued to walk to our car, I started to cry. I couldn’t stop crying. My daughter asked, “Are you okay, mommy?”

I replied, “That family was so nice!”

I believe Walt Disney World brings out the BEST in people, and that’s what makes a vacation to Disney World so magical. Sure the Attractions, the IN-CREDIBLE Fireworks, the Parades, the Characters….. makes Disney World so special, but it’s the little moments like these, the kindness of strangers that really stand out in your mind and makes your vacation all the more special.
(I love this article by the Disney Diva on a special moment her family experienced and read comments from other people who experienced similar, heartwarming magic!)

If you are the family that we met, THANK YOU again.  I hope the kindness you showed our family is a thousand times returned back to you

And thank you Walt, for making these memories and the kindness of strangers possible!

Diva Tip: Halloween bags are given out to each person attending the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. They usually have a picture on the bag of the latest Disney movie in Theatres. But the bags given are really small, so if you want to collect a BIG stash, bring your own! Disney also provides treats for those with Dietary restrictions, check with your map guide and ask a Cast Member.