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By Soarin’ Diva

What To Do When My Disney Experience Isn't Being Magical

What To Do When My Disney Experience Isn’t Being Magical

I know we all love how all things Disney seem so special, so magical. Nothing is perfect all the time, however. Believe it or not, there are aspects of Disney that sometimes aren’t very magical at all.  It can be something that happens at one of the Disney Parks, or Disney Springs, or even a tool used that is so vital and important to booking your Walt Disney World Vacation that when glitches happen, it can really throw a wrench in your vacation.

These past couple of weeks the Disney fan based sites throughout Facebook have been buzzing with strange glitches popping up with guest accounts in the My Disney Experience app.  Dining reservations have disappeared, FastPasses have been wiped out, even tickets and Annual Passes are mysteriously gone from guest accounts.  Some of the guests aren’t even discovering this until they show up at a park and are told their passes aren’t showing anything when scanned.

It’s taking hours out of their park days to get these situations straightened out.  When we are all paying thousands of dollars to take these amazing, fun-filled vacations, the last thing we want to do is take hours out of our day to fix a problem that never should have occurred in the first place.

There are a couple of things we can do before the problem occurs though that, although they can’t actually prevent a computer glitch, they can help make it easier to fix if a glitch happens.  This means it can cut down on the time taken out of your vacation day to get these errors taken care of.

Always Screenshot Your FastPasses in MDE

Screenshot MDE FastPasses

Take screenshots of your FastPass Plus plans on your smart phone.  People have been suggesting for years to take screenshots of all of your FastPasses before you go.  I’ve never actually done it before because I’ve never had any problems with them showing up in my account, but with all the of the recent complaints of system issues, I’m not taking a chance on this trip.  I refuse to lose my Avatar – Flight of Passage, my Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train or my Slinky Dog Dash FastPass because of an internal computer glitch.  I made sure to take a screen shot of each FastPass showing how many in our party were on the FastPass.


Always Screenshot Your MDE Plans

Screenshot MDE Plans

Screenshot your plans in My Disney Experience

Screenshot MDE Plans

Take screenshots of your Disney Resort reservation on your smart phone.  If you are staying on Walt Disney World property, take a screenshot of your resort reservation complete WITH the reservation confirmation number, who is staying in the room and, if there is still a balance due (as there are sometimes in room-only reservations) make sure you take a screenshot of it as well.  The last thing you want is to show up expecting to pay a certain amount and they show a higher amount.

Print out your daily itinerary to be safe

Daily Itinerary

Always print your Disney vacation itinerary

Print Itinerary

Always print your Disney vacation itinerary

Print Itinerary

Print out EVERYTHING from your computer.  Maybe this seems like overkill, but I already told you, I’m not taking a chance on losing those FastPasses!  I pulled up my itinerary on the My Disney Experience page on the website from my computer, and from there, I printed every confirmation number, every FastPass, complete with our names on the FastPass reservations, every dining reservation with confirmation number…you get the idea.  This way, I can take my day’s printed itinerary with me on each park day and have proof that yes, I certainly DO have a FastPass for Flight of Passage, or yes, I DO have a reservation at Be Our Guest.  It’s a great backup to the screenshots on your phone, you never know if you may need it or not, but it will be handy to have.

If/When a problem occurs, speak to Guest Relations in person.  That means walk to the front desk if you are at your resort, or head over to Guest Relations at the park you are in.  Speaking to them in person is much more efficient and will yield a much, MUCH quicker response than calling them on the phone ever will.

Ask (very nicely)to speak to a manager.  There is only so much that someone working the desk can do, they are limited on what steps can be taken in some situations.  There are some things that occur than only someone in a management position can fix for you.  Don’t be rude or harsh with someone because they are limited in what they can do for you, it doesn’t help the situation.  Just be kind, ask nicely for a manager, and I’m sure they will help you in any way they can.  Remember, everyone in Guest Relations is there to help you, they certainly want to do all they can to make your vacation magical, so try to be calm and let them help.

Relax and enjoy the rest of your vacation!  Now that your problems have been resolved, stop stressing.  You still have time to get out there and have an amazing vacation with your family.  The positives at Disney Parks ALWAYS outnumber the negatives, just keep that in mind!

Follow these steps and, even if those dreaded My Disney Experience glitches attack your well-deserved vacation, the kinks will quickly be worked out and you will be back on the road to blasting off on your favorite coaster.

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