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Author: Budget Diva

Visiting a Disney park for the day? Don’t know what to pack? This is the list for you!

First off, you will want to pack two backpacks. One backpack to keep in your stroller that you will be okay with if it gets lost.

The second backpack containing the must haves such as your wallet, park passes, fast passes, camera, etc.

First tip-always pack a few snacks to have on hand while waiting in lines to keep your little ones happy.

Second tip-always pack hand sanitizer. Kids will touch anything and everything while waiting in line, not to mention the ride itself that about a thousand other people have touched!

My family always packs diapers and wipes in a Ziploc bag stored inside the backpack that we leave in the stroller. Storing them in the Ziploc serves two purposes: if it rains this will protect your diapers from getting wet. Second, the Ziploc bag may be needed for dirty clothes if your little ones get messy.

Another tip is to pack an extra set of batteries. If your camera requires batteries it is best to always be prepared. Batteries are available on Main Street, but they are expensive! It is also a good idea to pack a change of clothes for your children as they could get messy, wet from water rides (Splash Mountain!), etc. And don’t forget a sweater for when it cools off at night or the cooler “Dark Rides”.

So take Budget Diva’s advice and be prepared for any situation!