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by Soarin’ Diva

How Disney obsessed are you? I mean, if you had to rate on a scale of one to ten, what would you rate yourself as, or what would your friends, family and co-workers rate your obsession as? Are you only a one?  Maybe you’re up to a five….maybe, just maybe, you have reached the top level of Disney obsession and hit the big ten.  If you are following our page at, you MUST have a small amount of obsession, so let’s find out how much.

Let’s start with your closet.  How many Disney shirts do you own?  I’ve checked mine, and I own twenty Disney shirts.  Twenty!  That may be a lot to some, or it may not be many to others, but it’s the bulk of my closet.  That means I own roughly three times as many Disney shirts as I do church appropriate tops.  I’m being serious here.  Don’t get me wrong, though, that won’t stop me from buying more on my next Disney vacation, or even sooner if I find something I like on the Disney Store website.  If you own less than five Disney shirts, you get no Disney obsession points.  If you own six to fourteen Disney shirts, give yourself one Disney obsession point.  If you own fifteen or more Disney shirts, give yourself two Disney obsession points.

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How about Disney accessories, do you own any of those extras?  How about a Disney purse, or backpack, or even a tote bag?  My family?  That’s a check mark on all three of those items.  I have a beautiful purse my husband purchased from Bradford Exchange for my Christmas present last year.  My boys are a little embarrassed to be seen with me in public when I carry it, but that’s okay, it’s for me to enjoy, not them.  My husband owns the most adorable Donald Duck backpack from Vans that is perfect for carrying around our water bottles and ponchos at the parks.  I also own Disney totes, blankets and beach towels, as well as other items.  I proudly display my Disney obsession with these items.  If you own Disney towels, blankets or tote bags, give yourself one Disney obsession point.  If you own three or more Disney accessories that include purses and/or backpacks, give yourself another to equal two Disney obsession points.

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Do you name all of your pets Disney names?  My dog is named Copper.  You know, Copper from The Fox and the Hound.  She’s a girl, and that’s not really a girlie name, but she is the most beautiful copper color and we just couldn’t resist.  How about your children?  Did you name your daughter Ariel or Belle or some other Disney related name?  Did you name your son Jack Jack, Andy, Chip or Dale?  If you have a child and/or pet with a Disney name, give yourself one Disney obsession point.

How about those decorative stickers on the back of your windshield, or antenna toppers, do you own any Disney related car items?  Mark down another Disney obsession point if you do.  What are you up to now?  I’m up to six, let’s see if I can top it out at a ten.

Do you obsessively and constantly plan Disney vacations, even during times you KNOW you won’t be going on a Disney vacation?  Do you stalk the Walt Disney World or Disneyland websites all the time, hoping to learn a new tidbit of Disney park information?  I know I certainly hit the website daily.  I plan fake vacations, I check ride wait times, I play around and see if I learn anything new on a constant basis.  Go on, add on another Disney obsession point.

Do all of your friends come to you for Disney vacation planning advice?  Does it please you when they do?  Are you known in your circle of friends and acquaintances as The Disney Guru?  The one who knows most, if not all, that is needed to plan the perfect Disney vacation…yet…you are NOT a travel agent?  If so, add TWO more Disney obsession points.

Here it is, the last items to measure your Disney obsession level.  Will you be able to do it?  Will you be able to hit the magic number ten on the scale?  Do you bypass the park maps when you enter, simply because you don’t need them, you already know where everything is?  Have you worn your magic band outside of the Disney parks and tapped them to open doors or charge items?  Do you expect all public toilets to flush on their own, with that special Disney toilet flushing magic, everywhere you go, only to be disappointed when they don’t?  Do you have a horde of at least twenty or more sets of Disney shampoo, conditioner and soaps?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, add that last point on.

Did you do it?  Hit the number ten on the Disney obsession level?  If you didn’t, it’s okay, there’s still time to become obsessed.  If you did, congratulations.  You have joined an elite club of Disney obsessed Mousketeer wannabe’s.  Maybe we should market a line of Disney Obsessed shirts and buttons, just to showcase how obsessed we are.  I mean, come on, this is a great club to be a part of.  Then, if we see each other in the parks wearing said merchandise, we could call out a secret Disney obsessed code word to each other, and perform a secret Disney obsessed handshake.  The best part is, there is always room for more Disney obsessed people in this club, so if you haven’t joined yet, what’s holding you back?

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