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Places around the Lagoon

By D’land Diva

IllumiNations is a wonderful firework and water pageant show that takes place right before park closing in Epcot Showcase Lagoon in the evening. There is no precise way to describe it. It tells a story, is a spectacle of lights, is touching and meaningful and is one of the most popular shows at Walt Disney World. It is a show that is not to be missed at Epcot.

As it is a wildly popular show, the viewing areas for the show often get crowded. Technically, since the show is the Lagoon, you can view the show from anywhere along the Lagoon. The issue is that your view may be limited depending on where you are. There are definitely some places in which to “best view” IllumiNations. While the show is in the center of the Lagoon, your view may be obstructed by trees or even smoke from the fireworks and ,of course, other people! Also, there are several areas that are roped off for reserved seating, so if you are exploring places to view the show during the day, just be aware.

So here are some great suggestions for the “best view” of IllumiNations:

1) Mexico- Along the water front there are even some seats near La Hacienda de San Angel. To get seating, you need to arrive at least an hour early. Plan accordingly!

2) The Bridge between France and the United Kingdom- This is a popular choice

3) Japan Pavilion Area- Second story viewing!

4) At the Front of the World Showcase Lagoon Between the Two Gift Shops- This place is often overlooked or roped off but if the wind is light, the rope will drop and you will be blessed with an amazing view.

5) Get Reservations at the Rose and Crown Pub (try for 7:30 p.m. or a little before show), Patio Seat- Even if your seat is not in complete viewing of the show, guests can stand and get a nice view

6) Illuminations Cruise or Illuminations Dessert Party- You will pay to see the show, but the view cannot be beat.