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By D’land Diva

There are some of you who will think I am crazy for writing this article. In talking with many folks, this park is the one they have the least amount of interest in. This is what I hear most often: Isn’t that the park with all the shows? 

Yes, there are a lot of shows at Hollywood Studios. But there is also much, much, more! Here is a list of ten reasons why I love Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

1) The Great Movie Ride. Yeah, I know. Some of you are yawning at just the thought of this ride. The truth is, I LOVE THIS RIDE. It is slow, it about movies and there are scenes replicated from some of my favorite classic movies (I am a movie buff in addition to being a Disney buff). This is usually my favorite ride to visit before leaving the park in the evening. The wait times can be kind of long, sure, but the ride is almost twenty minutes long.

2) Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage- Tale as old as time and an amazing musical performed live.

3) Toy Story Midway Mania- 3D special effects, and you the guest, get to participate in the ride by “shooting” different objects to get points. All on a digital screen! It’s part video game, part ride.

4) Voyage of the Little Mermaid- Beautiful live stage show, and although there are human actors, the puppets steal the show. I believe this is my favorite attraction at Hollywood Studios.

5) Muppet Vision 3D- Yeah, I know. The show is somewhat outdated, but the D’land Diva family LOVES the Muppets. We also love the Stage One Company store as well.

6) Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream- Learn more about “the man” and see some cool Disney artifacts. Those true Disney fans will appreciate this attraction.

7) Tatooine Traders- I’m not a huge fan of Star Tours (well, I am, but my stomach not so much) so I get my Star Wars fix at this everything Star Wars shop. This is a great place to find Star Wars memorabilia and maybe even your Halloween costume for next year!

8) Fantasmic! Meal Package- Reserved seating for the Fantasmic! show? Yes please! The Fantasmic! viewing at Disneyland can be insane (as in HOURS before all the seats near the water are taken). We love that the Hollywood Studios has this option. The fact that show is also in its own theater also makes is special and unique from Disneyland.

9) Sci-Fi Dine In Theater- So. Much. Fun. Sit in a car “at the drive in” and enjoy a burger and a shake while watching silly old Sci-Fi movie trailers.

10) Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights- November through January the Streets of America become an amazing spectacle of lights. I really like to just walk through it!