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by Wishes Diva

When I visit Walt Disney World, no matter what, I make it a point to visit the Festival of the Lion King show in Animal Kingdom. This show is located in Africa behind the Tusker House Restaurant. Regardless of how many days I am spending in the parks, or if I am park hopping or doing one park a day, Festival of the Lion King is always on my list of attractions to visit for quite a few reasons.

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First of all, this show comes from my favorite Disney movie. Ever since I was a little girl, the Lion King has been my favorite. I love the characters; Timon and Pumbaa make me laugh even still today, after I have seen the movie over 25 times. (Told you I love it!) I could also listen to the music from this movie on repeat. Elton John is a musical genius! This show will feature some of your favorite characters from the movie, along with some new faces that will help to tell the story as the festival goes on! The show also features a variety of African animals represented on floats and by costumed performers!

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Second, the talent in the group of performers is fantastic. The cast members that perform for Festival of the Lion King are both incredible and entertaining! The talents of the performers in both singing and dancing is truly impressive. Also, the variety of styles of dance that these cast members have to learn is no easy task! The performers are asked to do traditional African style dances, along with some Cirque du Soleil style dancing as well. I can only imagine the hours of rehearsal spent perfecting their moves.

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Third, the cast and music together create magical musical moments. As a music teacher, I live and breathe for magical musical moments. This show has many of them. My absolute favorite part of the show is the “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” scene with the bird dancers. Call me a sap, but the interpretation of this song through dance is breathtaking and leaves me with a tear in my eye every time. This is definitely not the sole magical moment throughout the show! The amazing vocals during “Be Prepared” paired with the flame spinning, and the genius arranging in the Finale of the show are both musical highlights of the show as well.

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Fourth, it is entertaining to both kids and adults. The show has moments for everyone to enjoy. It has entertaining dance numbers that will have the audience participating by singing and dancing in their seats. The Finale of the show also allows for a few select kids to be involved in the “parade” with the performers. The animal performers will choose a handful of kids out of the audience to participate in the parade by playing instruments!

Animal Kingdom’s Festival of the Lion King is a definite “to-do” during your trip. Not only is the attraction an inside venue, but you will also be seated the whole time. Talk about Hakuna Matata! I ensure you that it will be entertaining for all members of your vacation party!